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5 signs he doesn’t want anyone else to have you

5 signs he doesn’t want anyone else to have you

Being with someone who won’t let anyone else have you can feel romantic and flattering at first. They might shower you with attention and make you feel like the only person in the world. But this behavior can quickly become toxic.

Your partner might become possessive and controlling, making it difficult for you to have any autonomy or independence. They might try to isolate you from your friends and family, making it harder for you to get support from other people.

If your partner won’t let anyone else have you, it’s important to take a step back and assess whether this is a healthy relationship. Possessiveness is not the same as love, and it’s important to be with someone who will respect your boundaries and allow you to have a life outside of the relationship.

5 signs that your partner doesn’t want anyone else to have you:

1- He tells you that he won’t let someone else have you:

“I don’t want anyone else to have you.” It’s a simple phrase, but it carries a lot of weight. When someone says this to you, they’re essentially saying that they want you all to themselves.

They don’t want to share you with anyone else, because they feel like they would be losing something special. This type of possessiveness can be flattering, in a way but it can also be unhealthy if their love is not reciprocated by you. Either way, it’s supposed to show that the other person cares deeply for you and doesn’t want to lose you.

However, if you love your partner back but you still think they need to bring it down a notch and stop being a hopeless romantic then it can also be annoying. Or, it can even be troubling. If someone is too possessive, it can begin to feel like they’re controlling and manipulative.

It’s important to find a balance in any relationship and if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, it may be time to reassess things.

2- He loves everything about you and thinks you’re perfect on all levels:

It’s one thing to be able to love our partners with all their flaws, but it’s completely another to only ever see good in them. If you think your partner loves you blindly and only sees your positives, then chances are they will be thinking you’re such an amazing catch and a one in a billion, not a million.

Maybe, there’s something about you that your partner can’t quite put their finger on. Maybe it’s the way you laugh, or the way you’re always up for an adventure. Whatever it is, your partner knows that they hit the jackpot by stealing your heart and it shows in their everyday behavior. They just don’t want anyone else to have you.

Maybe your partner fell in love with the way you’re always challenging them, pushing them to be better. They love the way you make them feel like anything is possible. With you by their side, they know that they can take on the world.

So when a partner like this says that they don’t want anyone else to have you, what they really mean is that they think you’re amazing and there’s no way in hell they’re letting go of you without a fight. They want to keep you all to themselves forever and ever.

3- Your partner is a little too controlling:

You might think romantically of the idea that someone “won’t let anyone else have you” at first. However, when the relationship runs its course and you want out, you might start feeling suffocated and irritated by a controlling partner that just won’t let you break up with them.

Suddenly single life will start looking like a dream and you may find yourself trapped in a relationship you don’t want anymore with someone blindly possessive and controlling.

While it’s natural to want to be wanted, there are certain signs that your partner may be possessive and overprotective. If you frequently feel like you have to “check-in” with your partner or report your whereabouts, this may be a sign that they don’t trust you. They may also try to control who you spend time with or what you wear.

If you find yourself not able to make a single decision in the relationship, this may also be a sign that your partner is trying to control you. Possessive and overprotective behavior can be harmful to a relationship, so if you notice these signs it’s important to talk to your partner about it before you find yourself trapped in an unwanted cycle of manipulation and control in the name of love.

4- Your partner is extremely jealous:

If someone is extremely jealous, they might want to be the center of your universe. So, it goes without saying that they also get jealous outside of a romantic context. For instance, they could jealous if you start spending too much time with a specific friend or sibling, especially if your new close friend doesn’t have the best opinion of your partner.

Firstly, they may try to control who you talk to before you even get to this point of making a new close friend and they may want to monitor who you spend time with. They may also become jealous easily and try to isolate you from your friends and family.

Additionally, they may try to control what you wear or how you look, out of jealousy, which is the worst. If a partner wants you to look less attractive in public out of their own insecurity and possessiveness then you shouldn’t tolerate it. You should always put yourself first, so if dressing up and dolling yourself up makes you happy then never refrain from doing it.

If your partner displays any of these behaviors, it is important to have a conversation about boundaries and expectations. You can check this article out later on the importance of setting boundaries in a relationship. Possessiveness is not healthy or acceptable in a relationship. If your partner cannot respect your boundaries, it may be time to consider ending the relationship.

Remember, always, that ultimately you have the right to make decisions about your own life and should not tolerate being treated as if you are someone’s property.

5- Your partner is scared of your success:

Being possessive is not always a romantic and flattering trait in a relationship and this factor here is proof. Just because your partner is possessive doesn’t mean they love you blindly and would die for you or to see you doing what makes you happy.

In fact, someone can be possessive out of their own arrogance and selfishness by wanting to restrict your freedom and regarding you as less worthy of the rights they have in the relationship rather than an equal.

For example, even if it makes you happy and fulfilled a possessive partner might not want to see you succeed in your career, or business or reach fame or celebrity status, for instance. That’s because they fear that money, success or status might change you and you might slip from their grasp and fingers.

They think that if you achieve so much in life, there’s a possibility you won’t be content with them as a partner anymore and will want to look elsewhere. Maybe they make this assumption because they would do the same to you, in a similar scenario despite all their possessiveness. Because let’s face it in the end, possessiveness doesn’t guarantee loyalty nor does it prove true love.

So be very wary of a partner that gets jealous of your success or one that would rather have you achieve nothing at all in life. They may feel threatened by your achievements and try to undermine them in some way. For instance, they may belittle your accomplishments or make snide comments about them.

They may also try to control how you spend your time, what you do, and where you go, in order to prevent you from achieving more. If your partner exhibits these behaviors, it’s important to communicate with them about your concerns. Otherwise, the relationship may become increasingly toxic and unhappy.

You can always check our article out on how to deal with a possessive partner in 3 steps if that’s an issue you suffer from.

Bottom line:

In the end, if someone truly loves you and wants to prove it then there’s one healthy way of proving that they want you all to themselves and that they truly have no intention to let anyone else, have you.

And that can only be achieved through true commitment or a healthy long-lasting marriage that will enable you to take vows for one another and to become each other’s family, life partners, and lovers. Anything else is just manipulation and silly talk and you shouldn’t tolerate it.

But, then again remember that even marriage should be healthy, happy, and fulfilling. And, if it isn’t then you should be able to walk out in the worst case. In no case should you ever stay in a relationship and be anyone’s prisoner, if it makes you feel that way.

Only a healthy marriage where your partner consistently acts right pleases you and shows support can guarantee that they will have you all for themselves, willingly for life, and without any games or toxicity. But, of course, it is conditional! You’re only in it as long as they behave and respect your boundaries and limits. So tell them that and set the record straight if they ever get things mixed up!

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