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5 Signs he doesn’t miss you at all

5 Signs he doesn’t miss you at all

If you’ve recently ended things with your boyfriend and you miss him a lot, it’s natural to wonder if he misses you as well. Another reason why you might be interested in knowing if he misses you is that you’ve realized you made a mistake. 

You broke it off way too soon and now you regret it, so you want to see if there’s a chance for you two to get back together. However, it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in the slightest. 

You’ve tried being more active on social media to get his attention and see if he messages you, but it hasn’t worked. You’ve reached out and he only gives you the cold shoulder. Today, we will explore 5 signs he doesn’t miss you so you can avoid the pain of being rejected.

5 Signs he doesn’t miss you at all:

1. He has never called or texted you:

Since the breakup, he has never called or texted you to hear from you. If he missed you, he would’ve called or texted and made an effort to keep the conversation going. When a guy misses you, he’ll want to hear your voice and know about what you’ve been up to. 

If he’s never once made contact since the breakup, that’s a clear sign he doesn’t miss you. Moreover, if you’ve reached out and he only gives you short answers or makes excuses not to talk, it’s safe to say he has either moved on or is committed to that process. 

2. He doesn’t even like your posts on social media

We’re sorry to deliver bad news, but if he has given you exactly zero attention since the breakup, it means he took it seriously. He doesn’t even see your stories on social media, which could mean he’s either muted or blocked you. Moreover, let’s say you have friends in common and you see each other at a get-together. 

If he doesn’t even look your way, that’s a clear sign he doesn’t miss you. If you bump into him at a restaurant or a club, it doesn’t matter how good you look, you won’t get anything more than a polite “hi” and “bye” from him. What’s worse, he will look completely relaxed and even go so far as to flirt with other women. 

3. He’s not moping around:

Maybe he was sad for a while, but he’s no longer moping around. He’s not sad and he’s not thinking about what he can do to get back together with you. Quite the contrary, he has moved on with his life. He’s focusing on his hobbies or maybe he even went on a little trip. 

He looks happy and healthy, and your friends in common only talk about how well he’s doing. Now, you shouldn’t take this personally because it might be something he’s doing to spite you. What this means is that he’s not dwelling on the past and he’s focusing on himself. 

4. He sets boundaries:

We can’t fault you for trying to reach out and send some signals his way. However, if his reaction is to set boundaries and politely ask you to please stop calling or texting him, that’s a clear sign he doesn’t miss you and he’s trying to move on. 

This means he has made up his mind. He doesn’t want a relationship with you anymore and setting boundaries is the polite way to let you know that. We encourage you to respect that and to focus on your own healing so you can move on as well. 

5. He has given you all your stuff back:

It doesn’t matter how you slice it, when your ex gives you all your stuff back, it means it’s over. Also, it means they don’t miss you anymore and they’re ready to let go completely. Giving all your stuff back is their way of closing the book, which means they’re ready to go on their way. 

You can check this article out later on why an ex would leave their stuff behind in the first place if that’s what happened instead.

Sometimes, exes will hold on to the other person’s belongings as an excuse to see them again, talk to them, or as a way to remember them. If he sends everything back through a friend or the mail, it means he has effectively ended the cycle. He’s not interested in rekindling anything with you and he’s ready to let go. 


These are only a few of the most obvious signs he doesn’t miss you. If you’ve recognized any of these signs, it means there’s no chance for you to reconnect with your ex. Once the ship has sailed, the best thing you can do is focus on yourself and your healing. 

Even if you did make a mistake by breaking up with him, you have to own it and forgive yourself for that. This way, you’ll be able to move on and open yourself up to other possibilities. If this article was not enough to help you decide if he misses you or not, then check this article out for signs that he’s hurting after the break-up.

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