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5 Signs a girl likes you but is not showing it

5 Signs a girl likes you but is not showing it

Are you into a girl but she’s keeping her cards close to the chest? Perhaps you’re second-guessing yourself and she’s not as into you as you thought. Girls can be tricky to figure out, especially if they’re not particularly forthcoming about their feelings. 

However, if a girl likes you, the signs will be there no matter how much she tries to hide them. You just have to learn how to read those signs and what to look for. Today, we will help with that!

Flirting is very exciting and a lot of fun. It’s a give-and-take, and some girls love the drama of keeping guys on their toes. If you’re tired of not knowing what’s going on, look for these 5 signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue her. 

5 Signs a girl likes you but is playing hard to get:

1. Pay attention to her body language:

When a girl is not forthcoming with words, paying attention to her body language could tell you everything you need to know. Body language is subtle, but when a girl likes you, she will position her body towards you. If you’re sitting down, her feet will point towards you. 

She will tilt her head slightly when you speak and perhaps play with her hair when she’s listening to you. Additionally, she will also be mindful of the way she looks and she will maintain a good posture around you. If you catch her mirroring your body language, it could mean she’s interested in you and feels a connection.

2. She either maintains or avoids eye contact:

If a girl likes you, she will either maintain eye contact when you’re speaking or she will avoid it altogether because it makes her feel nervous. If she’s not shy about making eye contact with you, she’s trying to show you that she likes you. Just keep in mind there’s a difference between flirty eye contact and polite eye contact. 

If she is shy about making eye contact with you, it could be because she doesn’t want to show you that she’s attracted to you. Essentially, she’s afraid you will see how she feels by looking at her eyes and she might not be ready for that. So, she will go out of her way to avoid eye contact. 

3. She stays physically close to you:

Though she may be trying to not let her feelings show, she will still do things without realizing it. One of those things is staying physically close to you. She might not be aware that she’s doing it, but she always seems to find a way to be close to you. 

She always chooses the seat right next to you, walks right beside you, or stands close to you. She may even go out of her way to remove obstacles that may serve as barriers, such as cups, purses, pillows, etc. This shows she wants to be able to see you and feel connected. 

4. She is very active on your social media:

Whenever you post a story, she’s always one of the first people to see it or react to it. Similarly, every time you make a post, she likes it or comments on it or both. If you’re on a group chat together, she always replies to almost all your messages even if it’s just with a sticker or emoji. 

She will also share memes and funny videos to strike up a conversation with you. Essentially, she will be on top of your social media and interact with your posts in any way she can. That means you have her attention; it’s not a coincidence that she’s always the first one to engage with you across your social media accounts. 

5. She’s a bit nervous when you’re around:

When girls like someone, they get a bit nervous around them. So, learn to spot the most common signs of nervousness. Including fidgeting, shaky hands, or jitters. She may also get a bit flustered when you get a little too close or turn red on the cheeks. 

Also, when someone is nervous, they will try to self-soothe. Some of the most common self-soothing behaviors include hair twirling, rubbing their hands together, stroking their own arm or face, or even something as subtle as focusing on their breathing to control their heart rate. 


Though we can’t provide certainty, we can give you a few tools to help you identify a girl’s true intentions.

The trick is paying attention to the way she behaves around you! Do that and it will be easy to see if the signs are there so you can make your move. If you’re wondering whether she only wants attention and that’s why she’s keeping you around, then check this article to find the answers!

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