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5 signs a girl has never had a boyfriend

5 signs a girl has never had a boyfriend

You might be surprised to learn that dating a girl who has never had a boyfriend can actually be quite rewarding. For one thing, you’ll never have to worry about her being codependent or needy. She’s also likely to be more independent and self-sufficient than other girls you may have dated in the past.

And while she may not have a lot of experience when it comes to relationships, that doesn’t mean she’s not open to learning and growing with you. In fact, she may be even more willing to try new things and take risks, since she hasn’t been jaded by past heartbreaks. So if you’re looking for an adventure, dating a girl who has never had a boyfriend could be the perfect way to get started.

But, how do you know when a girl truly has never had a boyfriend or if she’s just pretending? Read on and you’ll get the answer!

How to know if a girl has never had a boyfriend:

1. She doesn’t seem to be in a rush to be in a relationship:

Convincing a girl who has never had a boyfriend to choose you as her first will involve a lot of hard work. Because she was never involved in a romantic relationship, she doesn’t necessarily value its importance nor feels like she is missing out on something. This is why it’s going to take a while to convince her that you can be a good addition to her life.

Additionally, even when you are at the flirting stage, she doesn’t seem too eager to move things forward. She is more inclined to enjoy each dating phase slowly because it’s the first time she’s experiencing everything. It’s up to you to test the waters and try to see if you can go to the next level together. But, keep in mind you might scare her off.

2. You have never met a male friend of hers:

If a girl never had a boyfriend it can be because she doesn’t have much interest in having male friends, so she enjoys the company of her female friends instead.

This can complicate things for you because she doesn’t see the need to add you to her social circle. Of course, it’s normal for her friends to taunt her about a cute guy or try to set her up, but if she never had a boyfriend she is more invested in her friends’ romantic adventures than hers.

Needless to say that she values immensely her female friends and she probably even thought that whenever she gets a boyfriend, her friends will remain priority number one. She will have this in mind when she starts seeing you, and the best way to make her feel at ease is not to treat her friends as competition over her attention.

Make sure that you let her know that she can be with her female friends still and that you will be available for her when she wants to hang out.

3. She is not very romantic when she texts you:

Don’t misunderstand it, she knows that she can be playful and romantically flirt with you when you are in the early stages of dating, but she never got the chance to put that into practice.

If she never had a boyfriend, it will become apparent that romance seems to be very distant in her mind when she texts you. This only means that she has to learn to be in tune with her feelings and learn how to express them. 

You can help her get more knowledgeable in the art of texting the person she’s dating by taking the initiative and leading by example. Test the waters and send romantic texts to her every day. She will start to regard it as normal and hopefully reciprocate.

If she finds it hard to send you romatic texts, make her feel comfortable, encourage her and never mock her for her efforts. You should act like her romantic sweet nothings make you feel the happiest you’ve ever been.

4. She has high standards for the person she hopes to be in a relationship with:

Because she has been single for so long she probably created a mental list of the things she would like a future boyfriend to have. However, when you compile all these things together it can come across like she has very high, if not impossible to achieve, standards for a guy. 

Don’t take it too much to heart. The reality is that she has no comparison to use. She has never dated before so she can only be so prepared regarding what she’s looking for in a partner. She also doesn’t know that some of the things she wants a guy to have might not be as good when placed in reality.

She never experienced dating anyone before so she is not quite sure about the things she doesn’t want in a boyfriend either.

5. She doesn’t deal with relationship hurdles very well:

Think about it, you are the person she is in a very close relationship with for the first time. She is used to being independent, and even if she got in an argument with a friend or family member before, they probably were never close enough to her to make her overreact.

In other words, she never dealt with the fact that a relationship involves two people who think and react differently to situations. This also means that she may not be able to know how to express her disagreement without hurting your feelings either.

Another aspect to have in mind is that she is going to take many things to heart. You are her first boyfriend and she isn’t going to predict your shortcomings. Because of this, she can be a little more dramatic than expected when it comes to expressing her disagreement.

You will have to have many serious talks about compromising and explaining how each of you deals with different situations in different ways.

In the end, if all the signs above apply then you know you’re actually dealing with a girl that never had a romantic partner before, and in this case, you may want to read this article on how to make her feel safe and secure ad anything you do wrong could set her alarm and scare her off. That’s unless you took the time to make her feel safe enough in your arms.

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