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5 reasons why “you’re not ugly, you’re just poor” is true!

5 reasons why “you’re not ugly, you’re just poor” is true!

“You’re not ugly, you’re just poor” is a statement that many people have heard and it’s often used as a way to sympathize with someone who is considered unattractive.

This sentence took over social media platforms like Instagram with photos of celebrities during their teens, while they were allowed to look normal, versus the same celebrities after having undergone cosmetic surgery and whatnot.

The point is clearly to demonstrate that all celebrities start off “ordinary-looking”. Then a “Hollywood smile procedure”, cosmetic surgery, and permanent diets transform them into the beautiful creatures we see on TV. In other words, if you have money, you can follow in their footsteps and achieve a similar transformation to morph into a more attractive version of yourself.

Nobody is born ugly, you’re just not as superficial, vain, or shallow as celebrities can be. Well, we’re sure that if being just that paid your bills and bought you luxury mansions then you’d be it too! In the end, these are 5 reasons to confirm that you’re not ugly, just poor, and to boost your self-confidence and ego before that first date with your crush!

5 reasons why you’re not ugly, you’re just broke:

1- You don’t see celebrity-like people walking everywhere in the street:

The reason why you don’t see flawless perfect 10 out of 10 people walking everywhere in the street, is because it’s not the norm. To be a hot skinny gorgeous-looking human, with teeth as white as pearls and skin as clear as can be is simply not the norm.

Humans are imperfect, and it shows. The reason that you don’t see such people everywhere should be proof enough that people are not born so perfect. The more money and will you have to look good, the more you can.

The people you see everywhere when you go out are normal average-looking folks. That’s how everyone who didn’t touch up their face or body nor take an extreme interest in looking good from childhood, will look. Yes, there are exceptions where people will look great, gorgeous, and breathtaking naturally but these are exceptions to the rule.

2- Celebrities also have an ugly hidden side to them:

Celebrities are not as perfect as we want to believe in the end. Humans can only strive to look good and maintain a reputation that they look good at all times. However, the truth is that even the most good-looking person has bad mornings, bad skin days, bad hair days, sickness days, and days where they look their worst.

Only we don’t see any of that because that’s not so glamorous, good to see, and is not gonna increase anyone’s album sales. Just because we don’t see the ugly human sides of celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t have them.

Rich or not, it will always take days if not months of preparation for a red-carpet event. Most times, everything will be calculated from the way the celebrity will walk and talk, to what they will wear, and how their hair will be brushed. We’re sure that any average-looking person can look good enough for such an event, after so much preparation!

3- Celebrities use photoshop, make-up, personal coaches, and cosmetic treatments:

Even after all the preparation, it takes celebrities to show up in public, all the diets they’re put on, all the make-up artists that help, and cosmetic treatments, there’s still photoshop in the end.

Just in case all of the stuff listed previously doesn’t work in making them look like angels that just dropped from the 7th sky, there are still photoshop and camera filters. All that you see on social media platforms, magazine pages, and advertisement screens is far from being a representation of a naked untouched reality.

Photos of celebrities are always very much retouched and altered to make them look like the flawless versions of themselves that they’re getting paid millions to look like. Even paparazzi photos are sometimes taken by the celebrities’ teams themselves, retouched then sent to journalists, in an attempt to hold the public attention and stay relevant rather than become old news.

4- Being in a healthy weight range, helps everyone look good to some extent:

In the end, let’s face it, if you met a celebrity or gorgeous person in person chances are the idea you have of them in your head will be shattered. And, you will come to know that even though they may be a well-kept and elegant human, they still very much look “only human” in person. Nothing extraordinary.

That’s because any person, cosmetic surgery or not, has the potential to look good enough to some extent if they are in a healthy weight range. If their facial features are prominent and their body in shape, any person will look attractive to some extent.

That’s because being healthy and physically fit gives the impression of being young, active, and capable of doing a lot; which are all traits we find inherently attractive and desirable in a partner.

5- Clean clothing, good hygiene, and a well-kept appearance can do the trick, for now:

You may not be rich enough to undergo all the cosmetic treatments that celebrities get. However, what you can do and what requires only a little money is to smell good, wear clean clothes, have good hygiene, and have a well-kept appearance.

Some will argue that even a pack of soap is gonna cost money. Granted! That’s true to some extent, that’s why very poor people and the homeless will sometimes find it hard to even afford to look presentable. So it is a fact that the more money you have the more effort you can put into looking better.

However, thankfully looking presentable requires very little money and even the poor can realistically manage to do that with a little bit of luck and effort. So looking good enough for a Hollywood movie lead role is one thing, but looking good enough to be approachable is another. The goal is to look as well-put-together and presentable as you can until you can afford to do more!

But, until you make it, try to look presentable and work on having as much charisma as possible because that can make you look a lot more attractive instantly! Check out our article on how to develop charisma and charm.

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