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5 reasons why your girlfriend is always mad at you

5 reasons why your girlfriend is always mad at you

It can be really frustrating when your girlfriend is always mad. It seems like no matter what you do, she’s never happy. The first step is to try to figure out what’s causing her anger. Is she stressed out about school or work? Is she worried about money? Once you know the root of the problem, you can start to look for solutions.

Maybe you can help her with her workload or offer to go with her to talk to a financial advisor. Whatever the issue is, it’s important to be patient and understanding and not to take it personally.

In fact, if you’re not sure why your girlfriend always seems to be mad at you then you will find 5 possible reasons in this article, so read carefully.

5 reasons your girlfriend is always mad at you:

1. She’s not being open about her needs:

Contrary to what you might think, your girlfriend might not be honest with you about her wishes. There may be some things that your girlfriend wanted you to do for her, and since you didn’t do any of them; she got mad at you but still wouldn’t open up about it. Because who wants someone to do something special for them after they handed them detailed instructions on how to do it anyway?

An important detail to have in mind, that complicates things more is that most women expect their boyfriend to do or say a certain thing, and would get mad if they did those things but in a different way. Maybe women don’t like to communicate their intentions and wants clearly because they want to give their men the chance to outdo themselves without any help.

Obviously when boyfriends or husband don’t know what to do or how to do it properly their women might get mad. So even if you think your girlfriend doesn’t usually have these secret wishes and hidden feelings, try to ask her more often about what you can do to make her feel special and appreciated. She will be more than happy to drop some hints.

2. You fail to pay attention to small details:

Think of it this way, if you like getting attention from your girlfriend, why shouldn’t she like receive some from you too? It’s proven that women notice more things than men do, and it’s not precisely because you were distracted.

Maybe you simply don’t pay attention to silly details that you think don’t make any difference in your life. But even though you couldn’t pay attention to your girlfriend’s new haircut, dress, or a new way of applying make-up you should still act surprised and amazed when she brings it to your attention.

She may get mad that you didn’t notice the little effort she made to improve her appearance. However, if this happens your best chance at saving the day is to say that you see her as the most beautiful woman ever any way in all her forms and styles and that’s why you didn’t pay attention.

Also, she could be feeling that you don’t give her as much attention over text as you do face-to-face or maybe you don’t compliment her more often. This could be because you are a dry texter or just someone who’s not good at giving compliments and if so, try to be more cheerful and caring more often with her.

Another thing, you could do is to tell her what color you find suit her skin complexion and face the most. She will know then that you pay attention and never look at her without actually seeing just how gorgeous she is.

3. She didn’t like something you did:

Unfortunately, some women choose not to let their boyfriends know why they are mad at them. They feel like they should know already what they did wrong and the fact that they don’t know makes them even angrier. If you are realizing that your girlfriend is being like this, consider being more aware of your own mistakes from now on.

Of course, it would be ideal to directly ask your girlfriend what you did wrong. If she appears to be reluctant in cooperating, try telling her that you are only asking for some insight so you can avoid repeating your mistake. Tell her that you didn’t mean to make her angry and you want to know what you did wrong so she can stop feeling bad. 

You need to have in mind that once your girlfriend tells you why she’s mad at you, you may not understand at first the gravity of what you did. But, if she’s acting so upset and emotional then you need to realize that it’s something that was extremely hurtful according to her. So don’t laugh or make a joke out of it as it will only make things worse. Some things affect us more than others and vice versa.

4. She feels like you don’t spend enough time with her:

No, it’s not entirely healthy to spend all your free time with the same person, including your partner. Yes, you need to have a diverse network of friends to enjoy different aspects of life with. However, your girlfriend might need some extra quality time with you. She might feel that you are always with your friends and the only way she can see you is by joining you on these outings.

Your girlfriend might get mad if she feels that you don’t want to spend alone time with her. Try to create a routine where you and your girlfriend can spend time in each other’s company doing things just for the two of you. You could go on a date once a week, for example.

5. She found out that you lied to her:

If you think you can get away with an innocent white lie, think again. Women tend to have a good memory regarding the things their partners tell them, so don’t expect them to forget the details of your conversations. You should be careful about being caught in a lie.

If you lied to your girlfriend and she’s been mad at you for some days now, that means that she caught you red-handed and is now waiting for an explanation.

The best advice would be to come clean to her and explain as best you can why you lied and how that doesn’t influence your feelings for her. Check this article out on why people lie when in a relationship and the different reasons why someone would ever lie to their partner. It will help you understand your own motives more if even you don’t know why you made such a silly unnecessary lie.

Besides being mad at you, she’s probably disappointed in you too, so you need to do your best so she can see you in a good light again. You can think about checking this article out too on why your girlfriend might be ignoring you all of a sudden if that’s the case.

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