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5 Reasons your ex is so cold and heartless

5 Reasons your ex is so cold and heartless

It sucks when your ex is cold and heartless. It’s even worse when they act like they don’t care about you at all. You spent so much time together and they meant so much to you, but now it feels like they’ve turned into a complete stranger.

It hurts to see them treat you like you never meant anything to them, especially while you’re still stuck in the past. Sometimes it feels like they won’t ever understand how much they hurt you. So why is your ex so heartless and mean to you for no reason?

Why is my ex so cold and heartless?

1- Things have ended on a bad note:

If things ended on a bad note, your ex can be cold and find it hard to move on. They might take spiteful actions just to hurt you, or they might refuse to communicate with you altogether. It can be hard to deal with this childish behavior, but it’s important to remember that it’s not personal.

Your ex is probably just feeling bitter and angry, and they’re taking it out on you because they can’t process their own emotions. If you can manage to stay calm and objective, you’ll eventually be able to move on from this person for good. In the end, keep in mind that your ex cannot force you to get back with them, especially not acting like a grudge-holder. So be glad you got rid of them and move out of their sight as soon as you can.

2- Your ex blames you for the break-up:

If your ex blames you for the break-up, and has made it clear that there’s no chance of getting back together then they could be butthurt about how you caused things to end. Even if you didn’t end the relationship then there’s still a good chance that they thought you have caused it to fall apart with your actions, words or whatever argument resulted in the ordeal.

Ideally, you should stop thinking about all the good times you had together, and how your ex was once the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. This will only hurt to think about especially if your ex holds you accountable for everything that enfolded and will only be mean and horrible to you from now on.

Eventually, though, you’ll realize that your ex is not worth your sadness especially if they’re gonna act like a child after the two of you ended things. You will come to know that you’re better off just gone from their life and you will luckily stop worrying about their opinion of you.

3- They think you were horrible to them:

Another reason your ex could be very mean to you is if he or she thinks that you treated them so badly for no reason. Maybe they think you were horrible to them, even after everything good that they have done for you. In this case, they probably made a list of horrible adjectives that they contribute to you: from ungrateful to heartless and cunning, etc.

They will argue that you treated them so bad, and they will omit to admit their share of the blame or what they’ve done to you that was bad or how they hurt you. This is simply because the human brain always tends to justify our own actions more or less, so your ex must think that whatever they did to you is okay to some extent and that they didn’t mean it or didn’t intend to harm you at least. But they will think you did, with every action you took and every word you said!

They could be giving your actions no justifications and running out of excuses to defend you in their head. They must think that you were so bad to them and that nothing would ever justify your free evilness.

4- They think you moved on quickly:

if your ex is being a total jerk then it could be because they think you moved on quickly like the relationship never meant anything to you. They could be reflecting during their free time on how they thought you meant the world to them, but how you looked unaffected by the breakup.

Maybe they think that you didn’t care that their world was turned upside down, and you just moved on quickly and started dating someone new or being your happy and jolly self again. It feels like you never even cared about them at all. So, even though your ex seems unbothered and unaffected by the break-up themselves, it could be just a front that they’re putting on when they’re around you.

They clearly wouldn’t want to show any weakness when you’re not showing any sadness either. And now, every time they see you happy, it just confirms that you’re cold and heartless yourself and a person who doesn’t deserve their love.

5- Your ex thinks you never loved them:

Your ex can be the coldest, most heartless person on the planet if they’re convinced that “you played them” or never really loved them. An ex that’s bitter after an ugly break-up might think you never loved them, despite everything they did for you. It’s easy to get blinded by anger and the raw emotions that come with a break-up.

So your ex might have gotten blinded by the negativity that came with the break-up and they might find it difficult to believe that you ever truly cared for them.

When we’re in the heat of an argument, we can easily mistake anger and rage on our partner’s face for hate and believe that they never had one ounce of compassion or love for us. If this is the case, then your ex probably thinks that they were fooled by a con artist almost and someone who fed them so many lies about love when you actually don’t care about their feelings in the slightest. They will think that you certainly don’t care about their happiness.

In the end, all they will want is to see you hurt and in pain and they will take pleasure in witnessing your misery. If all of this applies to your situation then you should know that your ex is a toxic person who is best avoided at all costs. Trust us they don’t think you’re good news in any way and you shouldn’t think they’re the same person you once fell in love with.

In the end, if your ex is the one who broke up with you in the first place but is still acting mean and distant then you might want to check this article on why your ex is so mean even though they’re the one who broke up.

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