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5 reasons you stop liking guys when they like you

5 reasons you stop liking guys when they like you

Guys that end up liking you back are not the ones that hold your attention in the long term. You lose interest quickly after someone starts liking you back. In fact, you noticed this problem and recognized a pattern. Whenever a guy starts liking you back, he just stops looking appealing or attractive altogether, so why is that?

In today’s article, we offer 5 possible reasons that will answer your very intriguing question:” Why do I stop liking guys when they like me back?”! One of the reasons or all at once could apply, so read carefully and understand where this is coming from!

Why do you stop liking guys when they like you back?

1- It stops being thrilling and challenging:

Dating has always been a game of strategy and people were always looking for ways to play it cool and attract the most valuable catch. It is a challenge to be won and a thrilling experience to pursue or be pursued by someone you like.

It’s an exchange of gestures, playful games, compliments, flirty comments, and a beautiful fun ride. Now all of this is only ever enjoyable when the person is playing hard to get or entertaining your courtship and pursuit.

Once both people involved make it clear that they choose to be with one another, or that they like one another at least, then the game has ended. The pursuit has ended. Whether it was coming from you or the guy, it will be announced that the game is over!

2- It is not rewarding anymore:

If you are going through the stages of dating someone and you are not sure if they like you, it can be frustrating. However, it can also give you a reason to keep pushing, trying to seduce them, and keep trying. Any small good sign or good response from them, will make your day and be so rewarding in this case.

That’s because it’s literally proof that all the hours you spent on them and all the energy you put in getting their attention, are paying off! However, after they straight up tell you or show undeniable signs that they like you back, then their attention can become boring, expected, predictable, and normal.

3- It’s not as magical as you expected it to be:

It is normal to want a guy that will like you back and make you feel special. But when this happens, sometimes you might realize that you overestimated how it would be and how it would feel. You may have spent a long time fantasizing about how that guy will treat you, how he’ll make you his queen and cherish you endlessly, only if he liked you back.

The harsh truth is that sometimes when the guy likes us back and even becomes our partner officially, we come to see that he’s not what we expected. He might be shy and introverted, or not so open to claiming you publicly which you may not like much.

Or, he might treat you good but not as good as you expected him to. He’d offer you his jacket in the cold, but he won’t die for you. And yes, you’re his girl now finally and after a long wait but it doesn’t feel so satisfying or as amazing or even important as you thought it will be.

Long story short: you overestimated his capacity to make you happy. Now, something is not as good as you expected it to be, and it’s ruining everything. For instance, he could not have the same love language as you and it’s driving you insane. In this case, check out our article on why it is that sometimes our love partners refuse to try our love language.

4- You think he was an easy target:

You think he was an easy target. You started liking him and before you knew it, before you could play hot and cold and long the thing a little, next thing you knew is he liked you too.

Most girls will not appreciate having liked a guy first that was way too easy to attract, seduce and mesmerize. They like to take the time to play and intensify the tension between the two, before he drops to his knees and swears allegiance.

That’s because the easier your target or guy was, the more you’d think he’s prone to falling for anyone. It makes him vulnerable and weak, but most importantly it makes him unpredictable. Will he be swayed away or have his ehad turned as easily and eagerly, by the next girl that tries?

5- He lost his sense of mystery:

Some people start to lose the sense of mystery and dark hypnotizing attractiveness that comes with it when we get to know them more. We get to see that they’re not as smart as we believe they’d be, not as charming as we thought, and definitely not as perfect. They’re just human, nothing more or too extraordinary about that.

The sense of mystery is one of the many things people lose as they transition from just liking the person’s looks and body language to getting closer to them in the talking stage or dating.

In fact, many people would turn out to be weird, awkward, or just unexpectedly so different from us and not in a good way. So we quickly lose interest, even if that would usually happen during the period where they might start opening up more and showing signs of liking us.

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