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5 reasons why you’re so tired around your boyfriend

5 reasons why you’re so tired around your boyfriend

Whether it’s a lack of sleep, lack of time to exercise, or just being overworked, many people experience exhaustion for no reason. What’s worse is that some notice only ever feeling so drained when they’re around their significant others.

It can be hard to find a balance between work, family, and your significant other. However, that doesn’t mean you have to feel give up on your private life with your partner or spend your time together napping.

Instead what you can do is go through the list of possible reasons below and see why you might be feeling so tired around your boyfriend. Then see which reason applies to your case, and tackle the problem once and for all.

Reasons why you’re feeling exhausted around your boyfriend:

1- Your time with him is your only relaxation time:

The busy city lifestyle is not a new phenomenon and it is only getting worse. This time, there are more people who are feeling overwhelmed by their busy demanding, and crowded schedules and daily duties than ever before.

If you have to balance a demanding job, your social life, meeting your basic needs, and taking care of yourself; you might have very little time to rest, relax, or even see your partner. So what will happen in this case, is that whenever you finally dedicate a few minutes to your significant other you’re usually exhausted, about to drop dead, and in desperate need of a nap.

2- You don’t get enough sleep:

This is a common problem that many people face and often leads to burnout. If you’re lacking sleep, it’s important to take care of your sleeping schedule, and get enough hours of sleep. So try to re-consider your priorities in life and redistribute your time accordingly.

You might not think that: your love life or sleeping schedule comes before your career, but think again and don’t wait for a health scare or crazy wake-up call to realize how important they are! Your mental health and sleeping schedule are crucial to your well-being.

So get some rest, spend time making good memories with your partner and continue working hard in a healthier way. It’s all about good time management!

3- You’re not eating nutritious meals:

If you feel exhausted, you may be not eating nutritious meals. It is important to get all the nutrition your body needs to function properly. If you feel weak and lethargic, it may be because you’re not eating healthy food and taking in the right amount of nutrients.

Keep in mind that you may be intaking many many calories in the form of junk food but it will still not be nourishing to your body, health, skin, and organs. If you are feeling drained, it is likely that your diet is lacking in many nutrients.

Try to make sure to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water when feeling tired or exhausted. If you’re feeling exceptionally tired around your partner, it may be because you’re eating less than your body need when they’re with you. Or, you might be only eating unhealthy greasy foods in their presence.

4- Your love language consists of lazying around with your partner:

Hugging each other and napping in one another arms can surprisingly enough be considered a sign of affection for some people. It is also a great way to unwind and recharge after a long day.

If you are always feeling sleepy, and in need of a warm hug or nap on the couch with your partner whenever you see them, it may be because that’s your way of showing love and affection. There are many types of love languages, in fact, you can check this article on what to do when a partner refuses to speak our love language for more details on this matter.

Napping with your partner is one way to show affection and intimacy in a relationship that might not be as obvious as cuddling or kissing. But, if that’s your way then you need to explain to your partner what it means for you but also make some compromises and get off bed sometimes to create memories with them in the real world!

5- You take your boyfriend for granted:

Obviously, nobody wants to fall under this category. However, it is important that we warn you about this as your boyfriend might be too nice to notice and you don’t want to do him any injustice, even unintentionally.

If you’re feeling too tired to make an effort with your partner, make them feel special, and spend time doing activities together and trying new things, you might be taking them for granted. Here we said it! There’s no way around it.

If none of the other reasons listed above apply to you, then you may just feel too lazy to do anything or go anywhere with your partner because you just don’t want to make an effort. Check out this article about why accepting (or offering) only the bare minimum when in a relationship or dating is unacceptable, whether it’s coming from you or your partner.

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