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5 reasons why your spouse should come first

5 reasons why your spouse should come first

Admitting that our spouses should be the top priority in our lives can be tough for many, as it often means sacrificing other things you prioritize. It could be difficult to see the importance and value of your spouse, especially if you hold grudges, emphasize their flaws, or cannot forget their shortcomings. But if you think about it, regardless of your disagreements and arguments, your spouse deserves such a spot in your heart. Remember that this special person is not just any old friend, they’re your one and only life partner!

After all, nothing beats being able to truly confide in someone and rely on them unconditionally. So while it may take some adjustment on our part to get used to putting someone else before us, we must remember that it doesn’t devalue us to cherish our spouse. This is especially true if we have a good deserving partner that does their best to keep us happy and comfortable.

So if you want reasons to always be on your best behavior with your other half and put their wants and needs first read on and find out about 5 better ones! These will be good reminders of what should matter the most when you’re torn between two choices or picking between your spouse and someone else.

5 reasons to always put your spouse first:

1. They’re the ones who will be there until the very end:

Sure, you have parents and siblings who are probably right up there in the top tiers of importance, and we’re not saying you should treat them badly or love them any less. But hopefully, after a long life of ups and downs, no one will be with you during your last moments like your spouse would. Your parents would’ve probably passed away if they’re old enough and your siblings will be busy putting their own little families first!

Only your spouse will be holding your hand and sharing that very last breath with you. If they don’t, then it will only mean that they have passed away before you did. And hopefully, in this case, you should’ve shared their last moment with them and brought them emotional support and comfort.

Of course, nobody likes to think about something so sinister and morbid but let’s face it this is a much better and sweeter end than being alone and miserable on our last day. In other words, when everyone else has gone off on their separate ways, it’s just going to be the two of you for the rest of your lives; so why not make sure that relationship comes first?

2. They share your life story with you with all its hurdles and obstacles:

Secondly, when you think about it, your spouse is truly special. They share the same life story as you, going through all its highs and lows with you together. The difficult times they experience alongside you make them uniquely suited to commiserate and understand your pain. But they also bear the burden of your successes and support you with the hard work that leads to them, rejoicing in the moments of triumph they get to share with you.

In essence, they have the same fate as you: they’ll be affected whenever you make progress or face challenges. That’s why they should come first and they always should until the end! Your spouse not only deserves recognition but they deserve a special place as they navigate life hand-in-hand with you. After all, who else understands and cares for your welfare quite as they do? Nobody else can come close!

Whether it’s those amazing trips you took together or snuggling up during a movie night, life is just richer when spent by our spouse’s side. Yes, things can get tough. But having that special person as your teacher, cheerleader, and shoulder to cry on makes all the difference! Giving them priority in your life shows how much their bond means to you. When two lives are intertwined closely like yours and your spouse’s, it only kind of makes sense that they should come first! It’s a win-win situation, when your spouse gets taken care of, so do you.

3. They already proved themselves to you by sticking around so far:

Marriage isn’t easy, and staying married is even harder for many nowadays. But, after years of being together and weathering many storms, you and your spouse have stuck together no matter what life has thrown at you. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to always consider your partner first when making decisions or divvying up resources.

In many ways, they’ve already proven themselves to be worthy of your devotion simply by sticking around this long; so why not give them good reasons to extend their effort even further? Putting your spouse first will reaffirm your togetherness as a unit, making them feel appreciated and valued.

Plus, it also helps build a sense of commitment that can withstand anything no matter what the future may bring. That’s just one more good reason to always keep each other at the center of it all!

4. If you’re a good team and a single unit you can achieve anything you want:

Who doesn’t love being in a relationship? You get to laugh and cry, experience true moments of growth, and even take on the world together. What’s more, you’re supported and nurtured by someone who has your back through thick and thin. This is why it’s essential in all relationships, whether it be marriage or a lifelong partnership, to always put your spouse first.

Why? Because you’re a team, a unit that experiences life together. And similar to every great team out there, you must work together if you’re going to make it through with success. It’s all about rolling with the punches; when one person is down the other can pick up the slack and keep things running smoothly until both partners can be standing strong again.

Having the attitude of putting your spouse before all else helps to ensure that both partners are equally supported, loved, and appreciated; ultimately leading to a long-lasting relationship built on mutual understanding and respect. So remember: if you want your relationship to last into eternity, always put your spouse first! It truly does make all the difference.

5. They chose you and selected you as the parent of their unborn kids:

It’s easy to forget that your spouse chose you, above all other candidates, to be the one they would love and share their life with. They made this choice long before you even knew each as well as you do today and it has likely helped define both of your lives ever since. This is even more relevant when it comes to parenting, your spouse didn’t just choose you as their companion, but as the person to raise any children, you may have together. Knowing that they put such trust in you to nurture their child is one excellent reminder of why it’s so important to always prioritize them first.

Ultimately, your significant other is your family now alongside any kids you share, you belong together and this means that your partner deserves to be at the top of your list. After all, if anyone deserves it, it’s them. Right? Cultivating an appreciation for each other and prioritizing one another will be key to creating the positive energy needed to keep your family together. So don’t hesitate to show some extra love! It might seem like a lot of effort right now but all that wonderful caring today will bring sweet rewards years down the line!

So stick close to them and make sure they always come first! By putting your spouse first, you ensure that you cultivate a future of respect and understanding together; making sure you both remain at the top of each other’s lists for years to come! At the end, when life gets hectic, there is no greater reminder than remembering that someone has chosen YOU and put their faith in YOU as an essential part of raising a family. That thought alone should be enough reason for putting them first whenever possible!

With that said, here’s to cherishing this unique connection by always putting your partner first!

What if your spouse doesn’t put you first?

If your partner isn’t always putting you first, it’s natural to immediately feel slighted and possibly even a little insulted. But before you jump to any conclusions like they don’t care about you as much as you care about them, it’s important to ask yourself this: are their behaviors simply a reflection of my own?

After all, many things our partners do in relationships are based on how we treat them and what we say to one another during arguments. If there could be something you’ve been saying or doing that may result in your partner not being able to or wanting to put you first all the time, that is definitely something to consider.

Thankfully, however, this is nothing that can’t be fixed. Sharing this article with your article and making a pact between the two of you to consistently prioritize one another would be an excellent place to start. Making sure each other feels valued and respected should be at the top of the list if there is going to be trust and stability in a partnership. So make a vow with your partner right now and decide between yourselves that both of your needs will come first! With these concerted efforts, both parties can look forward to finally feeling like they’re being given the attention they deserve.

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