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5 reasons why your ex is playing mind games with you

5 reasons why your ex is playing mind games with you

Exes are known for being tricky, and it can be hard to know how to deal with them. One mind game they might play is trying to make you jealous. They might do this by flirting with other people in front of you, or by talking about their new love interests to you, etc.

If your ex is playing mind games, the best thing to do is to stay calm and avoid reacting. Responding with jealousy or anger will only give them the satisfaction they’re looking for. Instead, focus on yourself and remember that you’re better off without them. With time, their games will lose their power over you, and you’ll be able to move on.

But, until then if you’re hoping to understand why an ex would act that way and what the reasons behind such childishness are then carry on reading:

5 Possible reasons why your ex is playing mind games with you:

1. You were the one who broke things up and they want to get back at you:

Your ex might be playing mind games solely because they feel they didn’t get closure since it was you who decided to end things. Maybe, when you were trying to explain why you wanted to end things, your ex didn’t agree with your motives and couldn’t reply accordingly to your arguments. This could have left them holding on to grudges and wanting to get back at you because of how you made them feel.

It’s important to realize that the problem is not the fact that you broke things off with your ex but how your ex decided to take it. Dealing with a breakup is not easy, but there are some things that they can do that can help them better deal with this phase of their life.

If your ex has decided to play mind games instead of focusing on healing and moving on, it’s because they are bitter or holding onto false hopes of being capable of getting back together with you.

2. They still like you:

This may sound contradictory, but if your ex is playing mind games with you, it could mean that they are still hung up on you. This is not an unusual thing to happen, since it can take time for our minds to process a break-up and we can’t switch our feelings off the moment we go our separate ways. 

If your ex still likes you, they could very well be interested in getting back into the relationship. However, they are aware that you think differently about the matter and know that it wouldn’t be that simple to get back with you. So for now, their best bet may be to catch your attention through silly psychological games.

Because of this, your ex will play mind games with you to be more subtle in the hopes that you don’t see their true intentions at first. 

3. They want to be back in control:

This doesn’t apply solely to exes who were very controlling and manipulative. You could have had a healthy relationship and your ex can still feel that they are not in control anymore.

Since you aren’t part of each other’s lives anymore it’s very natural for you to meet new people because a part of your routine will change. Your ex is aware of this and they fear that you will meet new people and forget about them. So they start acting petty and doing anything to prevent you from filling your free time with other people who are not them.

Of course, this would be the point if you both wanted to move on and eventually be in a new relationship, but that’s not the case for your ex. They are still hung up on your relationship and the thought of you being surrounded by new people or in a new relationship frustrates them greatly. So they’re doing anything they can to keep you busy.

Maybe a part of them still wishes to get back with you and the more you socialize with other people the less the chances of remembering about them are, which makes them gradually lose control over you. 

4. They want you back:

The fact that your ex is playing mind games with you in the hopes they will win you back is probably the most common reason that explains this behavior. You have probably made it clear that you no longer wish to be together and your break-up was final, but that’s exactly why your ex resorted to mind games. 

Your ex may even go to the extreme of trying to change some of their personality traits so they can lure you back in. Their goal is to make you believe that they are a new and improved version of themselves and you couldn’t find someone who would be a better fit for you.

You need to be careful about this, though. It’s appealing to get back with someone who claims they have changed for the better and you can see some of those changes already. You also know them and know that the relationship already so it could look like a great idea yo give them a second chance.

But keep in mind that it’s very easy for people to fall back into their ways as soon as they get comfortable because they got what they wanted.

5. They want to entertain themselves with you:

On another completely different note, one of the reasons why your ex might be playing mind games is not because they want to get you back but because they seek to revisit the good times.

They might appear playful the next time you see them and show that they are completely over you and made peace with how things ended, but that’s only so you start missing the good times as well.

In truth, your ex might be having some difficulties in dealing with their new-found loneliness. Maybe they miss the benefits of being in the relationship but don’t want actually to get back to having a relationship with you. Essentially, they are seeking you out so you keep them company and fill the void until someone new comes along.

Or, it could be that they got wind of your newfound happiness or peace of mind and came back, like most exes do when they sense that their ex-partner is happy without them.

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