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5 reasons why you get along better with guys

5 reasons why you get along better with guys

We all want to be able to relate to your own gender, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to click with them the way you do with guys. If you seem to get along better with guys than you do with girls, as a girl yourself, then it can be confusing.

You’ve tried, but it’s just not happening. Maybe it’s just a phase you’re going through, or maybe it’s something permanent. Only time will tell. Either way, here are a few possible explanations that you might wanna look into to explain why you get along better with guys.

In the meantime though, you can choose to just roll with it and enjoy the fact that you get along so well with the opposite sex.

5 possible explanations why you get along better with guys, as a girl:

1- Guys are not so hung up on details:

Maybe the reason why you get along with guys better is that you can relate to them more easily. They don’t tend to get wrapped up in the petty drama as girls do and they’re usually not as hung up on little details, so you don’t find yourself getting as frustrated with them.

As a woman, you may find yourself getting along better with guys than with other women. In fact, this could be because guys don’t care about much in life outside of their work, family, and friends. They can be like robots when it comes to emotions which is often more practical than women.

Sometimes, all men want to do is avoid drama, be left alone, and enjoy life. They can appreciate the simple things more and don’t expect much from the relationships they keep in their life. But, in the world of girls and women, a lot of drama can often accompany relationships. So if you’re looking for some easygoing companionship, you’re likely to find it with guys.

2- Guys don’t hold grudges for petty reasons:

Unless you really hurt a man in his pride, ego, or honor; chances are he won’t care much about a little remark you made or some silly dig you’ve thrown his way. However, it can be very different with women.

If you have a fight or argument with a guy, you can usually talk it out and move on pretty quickly. With women, it seems like there’s always some unresolved issue lurking underneath the surface, ready to erupt at the first sign of conflict.

Guys also seem to be more honest with each other; if you’ve done something wrong, they’ll tell you instead of letting you go on thinking everything is fine. That might not sound like such a good thing, but it’s actually really helpful. It means you can fix the problem and you can move on without holding grudges over silly things.

3- Guys usually are less emotional and more practical:

it’s no secret that guys can be less emotional than girls. So if you find myself getting along better with guys than with other women, it might be the reason. Men are less emotional and more practical. They don’t over-analyze things or complicate feelings.

Usually, your guy friends are the ones you can go to for a straightforward answer. They’re also the ones you can rely on to be there when you need them. In contrast, your female friends are often more drama than they’re worth.

There’s always some issue or conflict that needs to be addressed. And even when there isn’t, they tend to overthink things. We’re not saying that men are better friends than women can be. But for some people, men are just easier to get along with because they don’t take everything to heart nor have a surplus of hot and intense emotions.

4- You can’t help but compare yourself to other girls:

Maybe the flaw is in you? If you can’t get along with other women, did you stop and ask yourself if the problem was you? Instead of looking for flattering tales about how you can only get along with guys and a confirmation of how flawed women can be; maybe consider the fact that you could just be the jealous type.

Now we’re not saying this to offend you or cross you, but just between you and us: did you consider it was your fault? Maybe you cannot help but compare yourself to other women when you’re close to them. You could be comparing your physiques or any other aspects of your lives, which can be draining, toxic and uncomfortable.

As a result of this, you might start to naturally feel more comfortable being around guys instead. In the end, the chances of you being so hard on yourself because a guy has surpassed you in some aspects of life are low. And, that’s because he’s not even comparable to you like let’s face it he’s a man and you’re a woman so you wouldn’t ever think of a man as a threat, a rival, or someone to envy.

If you can admit (to yourself at least) that this might be your real reason for not getting along very well with females, then you may want to check this article out later on how to stop the toxic comparison.

5- You cannot do very close intimate relationships:

When it comes to friendships, women and men are typically seen as being quite different. It’s even a universal meme that women go to the bathroom together when in public or on a group outing. This just confirms the fact that women like to be very close with their friends and expect them to give them so much of their time and energy.

In fact, women are often expected to be very close to their friends, talking for hours and meeting up on a daily basis. In contrast, men are more likely to see their friends once in a while if they’re available and if it’s possible.

When it comes to this aspect men are more relaxed and chilled out. There are no expectations when it comes to meeting up very often or talking so much, which can be a refreshing change for a woman who likes to keep friendships with the opposite sex without constantly putting in work.

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