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5 Reasons why you attract younger men

5 Reasons why you attract younger men

Many younger guys find older women attractive for many different reasons. If you’re an older woman who’s getting a lot of attention from younger men, it could be a bit surprising at first. After all, society has taught us that men only chase women who are younger than them. 

That’s not always the case, though. Young men often gravitate towards older women because they offer many things that young women don’t. Older women are usually more confident, more mature, and more independent. Additionally, they have more dating experience. 

Young men find all these characteristics very attractive! To help you understand, we will explore 5 possible reasons why many younger men are attracted to you. 

5 Possible reasons younger men are attracted to you:

1. They like your mental stability:

As an older woman, you’ve had many experiences that have taught you to have greater control of your emotions. You’ve worked on yourself to reach mental stability and well-being. You’re not struggling to prove yourself to anyone and you don’t feel like you owe the world anything. 

At this point in your life, you know what you want and who you are, which can be very attractive to younger men. If they’re mature for their age or are highly focused on working on themselves, they find mental stability attractive in women because they can learn from that and perhaps find support when they need it.  

2. It gives their ego a boost:

Let’s face it, some younger men are obsessed with themselves and their egos. They think that getting with an older woman is a challenge because they have to be more mature, intellectual, or funnier than other guys their age. Some men feel like dating older women means they’re on a higher level than everyone else. 

It makes them feel good about themselves and feeds their ego in a way that dating younger women doesn’t. That doesn’t mean they’re not genuinely interested in pursuing a stable relationship, it just means they enjoy the thought of being in a different league than their peers. 

3. They love that you have more experience:

Since you’ve been around for longer than they have, younger men love that you have so much life experience and wisdom to share with them. You intrigue them and they want to know what you’ve been through, how you’ve overcome challenges, and understand the things that have made you the person you are. 

Sharing your life experiences teaches them a lot and they also love that they can come to you when they need perspective. Additionally, you have more physical intimacy experience, which is always fun for them because they can learn a lot from assertive older women. 

4. They find you comforting:

Young people often enjoy the company of older people even if it’s not in a romantic setting because they are very comforting. If a younger man likes you, it could be because you make them feel good. They love having someone that cares about them and brings them peace. 

As an older woman, you don’t need to be taken care of. You’re strong and independent, so all you need is companionship and love. Younger men are happy to be that for you and it’s a relief to know that you’re not going to burden them with many expectations. Not that you have low standards, but you’re definitely self-reliant to some extent, even emotionally. It makes certain parts of the relationship more straightforward. 

5. They are mature and want to grow:

Young men who want to grow will naturally gravitate towards older women because there’s no BS with them. They are certain that you can help them become a better version of themselves and they know that they can learn a lot from you because you’ve had so many more experiences than them. 

Younger men know that they can count on an older woman to help them through something. Additionally, being with an older woman will make them learn more about themselves. They will be able to develop a different perspective on things and be motivated to develop the things about themselves that matter most. 


Though some younger men seek older women for the wrong reasons, such as their money or to show other men how much better they are, many young men are genuinely attracted to older women for all the right reasons. 

Young men who are mature for their age may not have the best dating experience with younger women. Young women can be perceived by these men as a little too dramatic and too emotional, and it can be difficult for these men to develop the kind of relationship they want when their partner is not at the same maturity level

This is why they may choose to pursue older women who already know who they are and what they want. If young men find you attractive, don’t write it off immediately. Give them a chance and you could be surprised!

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