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5 reasons why cheating husbands stay married

5 reasons why cheating husbands stay married

Infidelity is a deeply complex and emotionally charged topic that has plagued relationships throughout history. When faced with the disheartening discovery of a cheating husband, many individuals find themselves grappling with a common question: Why do some men choose to remain married despite their infidelity? The answer, while initially perplexing, lies within the intricate workings of the cheater’s ego and personality.

The human psyche is a multifaceted landscape, shaped by a myriad of influences such as societal norms, personal beliefs, and individual experiences. When it comes to unfaithful husbands, understanding their motivations behind staying in a marriage post-affair requires delving into the depths of their ego, which often becomes intertwined with the comfort zone they have established within their current relationship.

It is important to note that this article does not condone or justify infidelity but rather aims to provide a comprehensive view of the situation, acknowledging that every relationship is unique and complex. We encourage readers to approach this discussion with an open mind, recognizing that healing, forgiveness, and the choices regarding the future of the marriage are deeply personal decisions that require thoughtful consideration.

Whether you are a betrayed spouse seeking understanding or a cheating husband grappling with the aftermath of your actions, this exploration of the five reasons why cheating husbands stay married aims to bring forth a deeper understanding of the intricacies at play, ultimately assisting individuals in their journey towards healing, growth, and the pursuit of a fulfilling relationship.

So why do cheating husbands stay married?

1. To preserve their self-image and to stay within their comfort zone:

The ego, as a fundamental aspect of one’s self-perception, can play a significant role in the decisions individuals make, including the choice to remain married after betrayal. For some cheating husbands, the ego serves as a defense mechanism, shielding them from feelings of guilt, shame, and the consequences of their actions.

The preservation of a positive self-image becomes paramount, often leading them to justify their infidelity, downplay its impact, or shift blame onto external factors. In this scenario, the cheating husband tries to do everything he can to prioritize his main relationship or the bond he has with his family. He lies to himself and convinces himself that his infidelity means nothing and is merely a timepass or dirty little secret that helps him de-stress but that his overall identity and self-image lie in being a good husband and perfect father. Although this type of man may give promises to the other woman of commitment or imply that he may divorce his current main partner; that usually never happens. This is simply because it is hard for this type of cheating husband to see himself without his family or main partner as they become a core part of his self-image.

Of course, this is in no way a compliment for his current partner. A cheating husband that will never demand divorce is still a cheating husband and should be dealt with accordingly. If you are married to someone like this or need more help as to how to deal with a cheating husband then check out my book: “Should you ditch your cheater?”

In addition to the ego, the concept of comfort zones offers further insight into why cheating husbands might opt to stay in a marriage marred by unfaithfulness. Relationships, particularly long-term commitments such as marriage, create a sense of familiarity and stability. The comfort zone represents a psychological state where individuals feel secure, even if the relationship itself may have been compromised. Fear of change, financial concerns, or the potential disruption to familial dynamics can all contribute to a cheater’s inclination to maintain the status quo.

2. To preserve what they built through years of hard work with their spouse:

Another reason why cheating husbands may choose to remain married despite their infidelity is the fear of losing the life they have built with their spouse. Over the course of a marriage, couples often create a shared history, accumulate assets, and build a network of friends and family. The prospect of ending the marriage due to infidelity can be daunting, as it entails not only the dissolution of the romantic relationship but also the potential disruption of their established lifestyle.

Again, the fear of losing financial stability can be a significant factor in the decision to stay married. Divorce often entails the division of assets and the need to establish separate households, which can be financially burdensome. Cheating husbands may prioritize preserving their financial resources and stability, especially if they believe that their affair does not pose an immediate threat to the overall well-being of the marriage. This also goes to show that regardless of how much a cheating husband lies to the other woman, the chances of him divorcing his main partner can be very slim.

3. The fear of social stigma and judgment:

The prospect of facing social stigma and judgment can influence a cheating husband’s decision to stay married. Society often frowns upon infidelity, and individuals may fear being labeled as a cheater or facing scrutiny from friends, family, and their broader community. By remaining in the marriage, they may attempt to avoid the consequences of their actions and preserve their reputation, even if it means continuing the relationship in a compromised state.

In most cases, the other woman underestimates this reason and thinks that the cheating husband that she’s having an affair with, can simply hold her hand, claim her publicly, and leave his family behind. However, most men do care a lot about their reputation and how they’re viewed in their community, or by their friends and family. And, this is why most cheating husbands will find it very hard to risk everything for one affair or one person and let themselves be perceived as “the villain” for the rest of their life!

4. To maintain the sense of family unity for their children:

Another well-known reason why cheating husbands stay married is to avoid affecting negatively the life and future of their children. It is no secret that children can play a significant role in the decision-making process.

Cheating husbands who have children with their spouses may choose to stay married to maintain a sense of family unity and provide stability for their children. They may believe that staying together, even with the knowledge of infidelity, is in the best interest of the children and that it minimizes the potential negative impact on their upbringing.

5. A genuine appreciation for their spouse:

Another final reason why cheating men may choose to stay married is the genuine love and attachment they still feel for their spouse. Despite engaging in infidelity, some cheating husbands may deeply care for and value their partner. In fact, the appreciation for their spouse and the support that their spouse provided through the years may be something no other woman can compete with. This is especially true if the affair was built on nothing more than lust. Spouses usually build a long history together, shared meaningful experiences, and developed a profound emotional connection that they are not willing to easily sever.

For these individuals, the affair might be seen as a temporary deviation from their commitment rather than a reflection of their true feelings for their spouse. They may regret their actions and view their infidelity as a mistake or a momentary lapse in judgment. By choosing to stay married, they hope to repair the damage caused by the affair and work towards rebuilding trust and intimacy with their partner.

Moreover, cheating husbands may genuinely desire to make amends and seek forgiveness. They may acknowledge the pain they have caused their spouse and be willing to invest time and effort into repairing the relationship. They may engage in couples therapy, commit to open communication, and demonstrate remorse in an effort to reconcile and move forward.

In some cases, cheating husbands may view their infidelity as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation within the marriage. The affair may serve as a wake-up call, prompting them to reassess their values, priorities, and behaviors. By staying married, they hope to learn from their mistakes, become a better partner, and foster a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

It is essential to recognize that while love and attachment can be powerful motivators, they do not negate the pain and consequences of infidelity. Rebuilding trust and healing from the emotional wounds inflicted by the affair can be a long and challenging process, requiring both partners’ commitment and willingness to work through the issues together.


Ultimately, the decision for a cheating husband to stay married, despite his infidelity, can be influenced by a combination of reasons, including ego, comfort zone, financial concerns, societal pressures, the presence of children, and genuine love and attachment. It is important to note that while these reasons shed light on some of the motivations behind why cheating husbands may choose to remain married, every individual and relationship is unique.

The decision to stay in a marriage post-infidelity is a deeply personal one and can be influenced by a different combination of factors specific to the individuals involved.

Ultimately, if you are the other woman or someone who has been promised marriage and a better future with a man already married; then we recommend that you don’t waste your time. There are many eligible single men out there and settling for someone who’s already taken is the worst anyone can do to themselves. Plus, remember that there are no guarantees that this married man will ever leave their family and spouse for you. All they could be doing is wasting your time, youth, and energy and leading you on unjustly.

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