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5 reasons why a guy would lie about dating someone

5 reasons why a guy would lie about dating someone

It’s no secret that guys lie about dating a specific girl or another at times. From exaggerating a story to fabricating an entire relationship out of thin air, it happens more often than we’d like to admit. But why do they do this and do they really think that there’s no chance they’ll get caught in their lies? Plus getting caught will surely only make them look desperate and weird, so why not consider the consequences?

In fact, what guys don’t realize is that lying rarely creates any positive impression and usually has more negative consequences in the long run. Hopefully, these kinds of stories will become less common as more people come to understand this lesson! But, for now, here’s a list of 5 possible reasons why a guy might act this way and why he may have lied to you about who he dated or who he’s currently dating.

Why would a guy lie about dating someone?

1. They do it to impress you or impress others:

Some guys may do such a thing because they simply want their current friends or potential partners to find them more attractive or interesting. These guys think this can be achieved if they claim to have dated someone specific. After all, it makes sense; if they claim they are dating someone who is more attractive than themselves or out of their league, then it says a lot in terms of how confident and adventurous they must be. It’s almost as if they’re making themselves more attractive through association.

While deception of any kind is never something to condone, the reasoning behind men lying about their romantic entanglements may sometimes come from a place of insecurity rather than dishonesty. Whether it’s due to wanting to seem exciting and unattainable or just hoping to capitalize on an attraction quickly before things slip away, there could be some merit behind using lies to win over potential partners.

That being said, lying isn’t an ideal strategy for finding true love and should generally be avoided. But until people can get better at communicating exactly what they’re looking for in another person without relying on lies, we might simply have to accept that these types of deceitful behavior still happen relatively often. Sometimes all that someone needs is an honest connection, even if it takes a few more weeks or months to get there. But, at least now you know that the first reason men do such a thing is to appear to be more confident or attractive, but there are other possible reasons too so keep reading!

2. They don’t want to admit to being single:

Sometimes when men lie about having dated someone they may just not want to feel left out when their friends talk about having girlfriends or how romantic their dates were. Perhaps, some might think bragging about their “imaginary” experiences will help them look like players and experienced people when it comes to dating, which can a good way to avoid standing out as the only single person or the one that “never gets laid”.

A guy facing this kind of awkwardness might resort to deflecting with dishonesty. It’s possible he could feel too embarrassed or uncomfortable to admit he is still on his own, so fabricating a girlfriend gives him a way to contribute to the group’s discussions without the need for too much detail or explanation. However lame it may seem, it’s better than risking feeling shamed or ridiculed.

You may think that this is a silly reason for lying about such a thing. But, the truth is, even though there are plenty of reasons why a guy would lie about dating someone, many have to do with avoiding being labeled as a “loser”, “virgin”, or even “undateable”. Whether it’s wanting to gain popularity within a certain crowd or just fit in more easily with those around them, men who fear being seen as single may go to great lengths to make sure no one knows their real relationship status. That said, despite all their lies and smoke screens, the fact is any guy still hiding behind such schemes will eventually end up right back where they started: single.

In short, guys could benefit from embracing being single instead of lying about it: after all, everyone’s been single at some point in their lives, even the most attractive and more confident people!  Being single doesn’t mean that that person is a loser; it just means they’re taking the time to find someone who truly deserves their love. Unfortunately, when men are young and going to high school or even college their main goal will be to fit in and so they may lie about their relationship status.

But, lying about being single will only make everyone think that these young men are taken and so they’ll never have a chance to actually date someone and see where things go. That’s why we really hope some impressionable young guys realize that and forget about the lies. Who knows; these guys might surprise themselves at how much better life feels without all those tangled webs of deceit!  At least then they can move on with their true self and meet someone worth sharing it with.  No more pretenses are required!          

3. It’s a way of playing hard to get:

Thirdly, another common reason for making such a lie is that they want to play hard to get and keep a bit of mystery alive. Rather than simply telling people they’re single and available, some guys want to be chased; creating some intrigue by saying they’re off-the-market, first.

It’s all a game, but one that can quickly spin out of control if their potential partners or the people interested in them simply decide to respect their alleged relationship and move on. In fact, that would be the decent and respectful thing to do because what type of person decides to chase after someone who clearly claims to be happily taken anyway?!

Playing hard to get can be effective if done in the right way, but if it takes lying then it’s probably time to cut it out and find a better approach. There are plenty of other ways for someone to maintain their dignity as well as show people how mysterious and desirable they are. Be truthful, and honest by always respecting yourself as well as those you’re interacting with and you’ll soon see that the chase becomes much more fun; without having to hide behind outright lies.

4. They’re not interested in dating the person that is asking:

Sure, lying about dating someone can be done for a variety of reasons: to seem more attractive, to buy themselves more time, or even to avoid being pressured into dating someone. However, the fourth reason on our list today for why some guys resort to such a behavior is to simply convince an unwanted pursuer that they’re off-limits.

Yes, some guys will actually go to the trouble of concocting fake relationships all because they would rather have someone think they’re taken than risk having to handle romantic attention from them. To them, it’s easier and less stressful than simply saying “no thanks.” It might be an oddly warped way of dealing with the situation, but if nothing else, it does provide some amusement.

If a guy ever tries this on you, whether or not he succeeds in his attempts to send you away empty-handed, don’t take it personally. Remember that as painful as it can be to hear someone say he’s dating someone else when he’s really not, it doesn’t necessarily mean bad things about your worthiness or attractiveness. Instead, let yourself take comfort in the fact that at least you know how far he was willing to go just so he wouldn’t have to hurt your feelings or.

5. They want to show that they have high standards when it comes to dating:

In the end, let’s be honest: men can be quite defensive when it comes to fighting off potential romantic rivals. This may explain why some guys choose to lie about the kind of women they’re dating. By conjuring up a fantasy girlfriend: someone with a perfect body, brilliant mind, and confidence that soars; guys may convince others that they only go for the best.

Of course, this may not be true, but it represents what he’d like to aim for in his romantic pursuits; even if reality may catch up and he may end up with someone a lot different later. Put simply, lying about having a type or only ever having gone for specific attributes can play a role in discouraging competition to go against him in the future when a similar girl is free and when he’s available and ready to try his luck with her.

And given how fragile male egos can sometimes be, it’s no surprise that this kind of falsehood gets thrown around from time to time. After all, most men do believe their male friends when they talk in this fashion and they even tend to put them on a pedestal and go to them for dating advice. So if you’re a guy and want to avoid falling for such lies, learn to only believe what you see with your eyes.

Only believe that a specific guy dates such a perfect and flawless person when you see them together. Even then, keep in mind that you only know what they’re allowing you to see and cannot judge their relationship or know what happens behind closed doors. Also, you’ll see that in most cases when things like this are true the guy never reduces his girl to her body by objectifying her or bragging about her physical attributes to other males anyway.

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