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5 Reasons why a guy tells you about another girl

5 Reasons why a guy tells you about another girl

When you like a guy and you feel like something is going on between you, you don’t want to hear him tell you about another girl. If he does, the natural reaction is to think that you should let go because he’s not as interested as you thought he was. 

But what if he is telling you about another girl for a different reason? Today, we will discuss 5 possible reasons why a guy would tell you about another girl. This will help you understand the guy’s motivations a little better and make a decision about whether or not you still want to give him a chance. 

5 reasons a guy would tell you about another girl:

1- He wants to make it clear that he is in demand:

Most men love to show off, so him telling you about another girl might be his way of establishing he’s in demand. He wants to make you think that he is such a good catch that many other women are interested in him. He wants you to know that to show you he’s attractive and perhaps get you to chase him or try harder. 

Check out our article on signs a guy want you to chase him later, and why you shouldn’t fall for it. Now, he may be telling you about another girl because he wants you to court him a little bit, but is that appropriate?

That may not be the best way to go about it, but in his mind, it’s easier to do that than to admit he likes you and wants to be with you. He thinks he’ll get you to do the job fo him instead, if he can that is!

2- He wants to see if you’ll get jealous:

When a guy doesn’t know if you like him, he’s not going to come right out and ask. It’s not uncommon for men to tell you about another girl just to see how you react and if you get jealous. That is his “subtle” way of seeing if you like him. So, he might slip a girl’s name in the conversation and be vague about their relationship. 

The girl might just be a friend, but you don’t know that. He just wants to see if you react to that or if you don’t care at all. Jealousy can be a big telling sign, so if you’ve been treading lightly, it might inspire you to turn things up a notch. Or, at least that’sw what he’s hoping for!

3- He is not ready for a relationship:

If the other girl he’s talking about is his ex or someone he can’t get over, then it means he’s not ready for a relationship. Of course, this depends on the context. However, it’s not difficult to see when someone is still processing heartbreak or working on accepting that things won’t work out with another person. 

He might think he’s ready to move on, but if he’s constantly talking about this other girl, he’s just fooling himself. He’s still grieving over that person or relationship, so it’s not the best time for you to come into the picture.

In this case, we recommend you don’t force things because it’s not the right timing, so move on or just stay friends. You can also check this article out on signs that someone is not over their ex, when you finish reading.

4- He lacks tact:

One of the simplest reasons why a guy would tell you about another girl is that he lacks tact. He doesn’t think things through before saying them, so he doesn’t have a filter. In this case, he might comment on another girl in your presence or talk about someone without much care.

Tactless people don’t think about how they make you feel. So, if the way he talks about another girl bothers you or hurts you and he couldn’t care less about it, don’t waste your time with him.

You can do a lot better than that, trust us. You should be with someone who has enough empathy for others to understand the effect his words and attitudes have on people. Someone who is so detached from reality and people around them, might just be too arrogant and focused on their own self.

5- He only sees you as a friend:

Last but not least, a guy may tell you about another girl simply because he sees you as a friend. If he openly talks about another girl and he makes it clear that he likes her, it means you’re in the friend zone. It’s difficult to get out of it as you may know from the times you’ve put someone in the friend zone

When he sees you as a friend, he will be comfortable sharing his feelings and coming to you for advice about other girls. He doesn’t know about your feelings for him, so he’s not trying to hurt you or make you jealous, he just trusts you and values your friendship.

In this case, it’s up to you to either tell him about it to get closure and keep being friends or get over your feelings on your own. 


When a guy tells you about another girl, don’t automatically assume it’s game over. Though that may be the case, sometimes it means he’s trying to make you jealous to see if you feel something for him.

Either way, considering the reasons discussed here today will help you determine which one applies to you. 

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