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5 reasons to marry someone from a different culture

5 reasons to marry someone from a different culture

In today’s modern world, dating is part of our daily life. The online dating world has been growing exponentially over the past years. This has led to a boom in the number of online daters and also many internet users who are looking for a partner tend now to find people that are not necessarily two steps away from them.

This had led to many people getting married in different countries around the globe and forming mixed couples and whatnot.

When we date a person, we do it for the right reasons. The reasons are that we have to find somebody who is compatible with us, our thinking, our life goals, values, aspirations, and interests. We don’t do it because of their culture, skin color, or other superficial causes that are only skin-deep!

5 reasons to consider marrying a foreigner:

1- You can’t marry “anyone” just because they share the same culture:

Think about it this way: if you were to marry someone just because they’re from the same country or culture as you then this probably makes all the people in your country eligible enough to marry you.

In this case, your spouse will never feel special because you may make them feel that you married them because they’re the first person from the same culture that you put your hand on.

“To grab someone” quickly and get married just as long as X, Y, and Z factors apply to them, won’t build a solid or strong long-lasting union and marriage. That’s because that person could’ve been anyone else who has this X, Y, and Z factors.

On the other hand, if you find someone who not only looks like your type physically, takes your breath away when you see them but also has: the same wavelength as you, and is compatible with you intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually then you basically would’ve hit the jackpot! Regardless of their culture, where they come from, their hair type, or their skin color, you would form a true and deeper connection with them.

Plus there’s no guarantee that all the people that share the same culture as you are great, sane, and kind and that it’s only the rest of the world that sucks.

2- They’re different and exotic:

There are many reasons why some people don’t like to date someone of a different culture. They may be close-minded or not open to learning more about other cultures and possibilities in the big vast world. They may also misinterpret the other person’s difference and take it for unintelligence or inferiority.

However, when you’re an educated intellectual that can appreciate and find beauty in diversity and in what’s different, then someone from another culture may look fascinating to you. You may enjoy how exotic and different your partner is from what you’re used to and where you grew up.

When your partner is different from you, the chances of getting bored with them are low. You can spend your entire life laughing and getting to know them more and learning more about them. Someone who’s completely from a different culture can be a beautiful source of entertainment.

You may never get bored of them, of their ways, of their thinking, and their little habits. It will be amusing and fun to spend your life with someone so intriguing!

3- You can help them adapt to your culture:

Helping them adapt to your culture and teaching them about different traditions, foods, clothing, celebrations, and rituals that are special in your country can be a bonding experience.

The human mind can be quite flexible and able to adapt to different cultures quickly. It could be that he or she has never been to your country before or that they’re new there and still have a lot to learn. And, why not be their personal mentor, instructor, and coach?

It could be fun, enjoyable, and a beautiful journey. Once both of you exhaust the possibilities in your country then you can travel to theirs and it will be their turn to show you around and teach you to find and see the beauty in their habits and traditions.

If your partner’s mind is flexible and they’re a well-educated person and you are too, then no cultural issues will ever arise. That’s because you two must be able to know that culture is just culture and not a set bunch of sacred rules that have to be followed and imposed on your partner by the hook or the crook.

4- Your babies can enjoy both cultures:

All babies are beautiful, that’s true. And for open-minded people that do not dislike a specific physical trait or feature found in another ethnicity, it can be beautiful to see unique babies with a mixture of traits.

Not only that but your babies can enjoy two different cultures and everything that comes with each. Mixing different cultures and racial backgrounds in one little human can be not only beautiful but a symbol of the human race’s unity.

Plus, who doesn’t want to get a green pass in both cultures, two different cultures, and to belong everywhere they go ?! A mix of different types of genetic inheritance and upbringing can only be a good thing. It is now scientifically proven that marrying a close cousin, which was common in some tribes or villages in the past, can result in a higher number of one particular group of inherited conditions.

So considering this, one can argue that the further you go from family to marry and the further you go from your town even, the better!

5- Opposites attract:

If you find your foreign fiancee or date that looks completely different to you, to your mom and sisters, very attractive then who cares if the rest of your family agrees or not? In the end, you’re the one who will be spending all your time in their company and their arms, and not your parents or siblings…

A different culture can also mean a different type of beauty and a deeper curious attraction to your partner’s physique and looks. It could open up new doors to a whole different type of familial love and warmth, especially when they do not get this from their own surroundings back home.

So if your family is being close-minded or wants you to marry someone, who looks like them but that’s not what you want… then who cares about what they want in this case or what they find attractive ?!

The idea of opposites attracting is an old one. Many of us have seen that people, who seem to be different from us, can turn out to be like each other in many ways.

Bottom line:

When we are dealing with different cultures, we naturally have to be aware of the differences that could arise. We can’t just think that everyone is the same, because not even people from the same culture are!

That’s why you should keep a compassionate and open mind when dealing with someone who’s far from their nation, home country, and the warmth of their family. If you’re going to insult them for their difference from you and give a bad image of you, your manners, and your culture too, then it is better to leave them alone.

However, if you’re an educated, compassionate, open-minded, and good-mannered person then feel free to explore your attraction for a foreign person or someone who isn’t from your culture. It can be a fun experience. And, make sure you find each other again if anyone tries to separate you if you really like one another!

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