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5 reasons to drop all and move to the countryside

5 reasons to drop all and move to the countryside

Moving to the countryside can be a very rewarding experience. You get to live in a quieter environment, with less pollution and more space. Your commute is shorter, you have more time for yourself and your family, and you are less likely to get caught up in the rat race of urban life.

It is not always easy to make this move though. The cost of living might be higher than what you are used to if you don’t do your research properly, there might not be as many job opportunities available, and it might take some time before you get used to the slower pace of life. But if you are willing to put in the effort it can pay off in the long run!

That’s why we list 5 reasons in this article to help push you to make the jump and pack your suitcases for a permanent stay in the countryside.

5 reasons to move to the countryside:

1- Overall higher quality of life:

The first thing you might want to think about is your quality of life. The countryside might be a better place for you if you enjoy having more space, breathing fresh air, and being outdoors more often.

If you enjoy nature, then the countryside would be a good place for you. It’s also a good choice if you want to live in a quieter environment or have more time for yourself. You might also find that the cost of living can indeed be lower in the country compared to urban areas, which can be helpful if money is tight right now!

2- More greenery and fresh air:

A countryside is a place of great beauty and tranquillity. It’s a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. You can take in the fresh air, see the stars at night, and enjoy the peace and quiet that you don’t get in a city.

But more important than all of this, you can be closer to nature and have a more sustainable lifestyle. Some people say that living in the city is more convenient because you can get everything you need within walking distance, while others say that living in the country has its own advantages like pollution-free air, more greenery and being in touch with Mother Nature.

3- Better for children:

Living in the countryside can have many benefits for children. They are less likely to be exposed to violence, drugs, and other dangers that are common in big cities.

One of the best things about living in the countryside is that children are more likely to grow up with a strong sense of community. This is because they will have more opportunities for face-to-face interactions with their neighbors and people from their town that may know them by name.

Children in rural areas are more likely to be healthier and happier than their urban counterparts. This is because of the lower rates of crime, better schools, and a higher quality of life. Not to mention all the golden memories of a wonderful childhood that they can make playing and running around in the greenery and beautiful scenery of the countryside and that will stay with them for life.

4- More space, less pollution, and less people:

One reason is that many people are looking for space. The country offers more space than any other place, and this makes it easier for people to have their own garden, pets, and even a swimming pool. It is more affordable and a better option for their quality of life. It also helps them get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The countryside is often associated with the idea of a more peaceful and healthier lifestyle. The population density in big cities is much higher than in rural areas, so there is less noise and pollution. There are also fewer people to deal with, so it’s easier to find your own space.

5- Less noise and stress, better mental health:

The increase in population has led to an increase in the number of people living in urban areas. This has resulted in an increase in noise levels and overcrowding which is not good for anyone’s mental health. 

It is no secret that city life can be stressful and hectic. People who live in rural areas have better mental health than their urban counterparts. They enjoy lower levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse than those living in cities.

A countryside is a place of peace and tranquility. It is a place where you can escape from the stress and noise of city life.

Bottom line:

A countryside is a great place for those who enjoy the outdoors. It offers a lot of opportunities to explore and experience nature. There is also a lot less traffic and pollution in the country than there is in urban areas, so it’s better for one’s health.

However, you need careful planning and meticulous organization of your finances, on top of realistic solutions to replace your income and future goals, before you move. There may not be as many job opportunities in the countryside or not much potential to grow professionally, so consider all factors before you make the jump!


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