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5 Reasons some relationships only last 3 months

5 Reasons some relationships only last 3 months

For some people, a 3-month relationship is the longest one they’ve had. A lot of couples break up after 3 months, which is why the first 3 months are considered to be very important. There are many reasons why relationships end, but if you’re stuck in the 3-month pattern, it’s time to determine why that is. 

Being stuck in a pattern means you haven’t learned an important lesson, so you keep making the same mistakes no matter who you date. It could also point to an unresolved issue that you’re not aware of and it’s messing up the way you behave in relationships and the choices you make in them. 

To help you determine what might be going on, today we will discuss 5 reasons why some relationships only last 3 months. This information will help you think of the short relationships you’ve been in and see where things might have gone wrong to finally learn the lesson. 

5 Reasons some relationships end after 3 months:

1- You idealize your partner:

When the relationship is just beginning, you see everything through rose-tinted lenses, including and especially your partner. You’re excited about this new person and they’re charming, attractive, and smart, so you idealize them without even noticing it.

It’s not uncommon for people to ignore red flags or certain behaviors that could be troublesome in the long run. We close our eyes to the more unsavory things. But once the honeymoon period is over, we start to see their flaws, and the glass breaks, so we can’t ignore the things we don’t like anymore.

Soon, you realize you can’t stand your partner and, eventually, the relationship will end. This is why you should take your time getting to know them before jumping into a relationship. 

2- Quick relationships could be rebounds:

If you just got out of a relationship and jumped straight into a new one, it’s not surprising it ended after only 3 months. Why? Because you were in a rebound one. It happens! People who get out of relationships often jump into another relationship too soon because they think they’re ready. 

After a few months, they realize they were not ready at all because they didn’t give themselves enough time to get over their ex. If you jump into a relationship with the first person you meet after a breakup, it’s not likely it will last longer than 3 months.

When you don’t know someone very well and you get together, once the fun dies down, you will start to see that they’re not the right fit. 

3- You fear commitment:

So, you met a wonderful person and you both decided to start a relationship. If you fear commitment, it doesn’t matter how great your partner is, you will sabotage the relationship. When people are scared of getting into long-term relationships because they don’t feel like they’re ready, they leave relationships after 3 months or less. 

These people are often referred to as “serial daters”. They jump from relationship to relationship and never last long with anyone. They don’t want to be attached to anyone and there are many reasons for that. Until they don’t work through those issues, it will be impossible for them to commit to any worthwhile relationship. 

4- You have no idea what you want:

We’ve all been there! Some people don’t know the kind of person they want to be with. Some don’t know what kind of relationship they’re ready to have. So, they decide to go with the flow and see what happens. The thing about going with the flow is that it won’t help you build a long-term relationship. 

As a result, the relationship will end in 3 months or less. The moment you realize the relationship is not for you, you’ll leave. When we know what we want, we can assess whether a relationship is worth pursuing or not with much better accuracy. 

5- You’re blinded by sexual chemistry:

If your relationship is mostly based on sexual chemistry, it’s unlikely it will survive after 3 months. When the only thing you have in common with a person is desire, it’s very difficult to build a deep connection or be interested in who they are. 

For a relationship to be steady and long-lasting, there has to be more than just physical or sexual attraction. Emotional connection, having important values in common, and wanting the same things are key. Being interested in each other beyond just the physical aspect is a must. Check this article out later on how to differentiate between lust and love.


When you’re not with the right person for the right reasons, the relationship will likely end after only 3 months.

Most relationships that end so soon were not truly meant to be. We recommend you take your time getting to know someone to decide if you’re a good fit. 

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