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5 long-distance relationship break-up signs

5 long-distance relationship break-up signs

Long-distance relationships can be difficult and challenging, but they can also be worth it. It all depends on the couple, their level of commitment, and their motivation to make it work.

They can be difficult to maintain with the lack of physical contact and even more difficult when the couple is apart for long periods of time. You have to trust the person who is in the other city or country and put your faith in the trials and tests that will come with this type of relationship.

However, there are still many benefits to this type of relationship that make it worth it in the end. Some people are lucky enough to have built long-distance relationships that work, but others find themselves in a situation where they’re struggling to keep the flame alive.

If you’re in one of these situations and are questioning your partner’s intentions and motives then this article is perfect for you. Breakups are never easy, and it’s even harder when you’re in a long-distance relationship. If you’re wondering what to do when your long-distance partner is cold or they seem distracted, these signs may indicate that it’s time to end the relationship.

6 signs of a breakup coming soon in a long-distance relationship:

1) Ignoring you:

Long-distance relationships are hard to maintain and communication is one of the most important aspects of a long-distance relationship. If you start noticing that your partner is ignoring you, not responding back to you, or being cold with you; there might be an issue in the relationship.

In many long-distance couples’ experiences; not responding back to you; is one of the most common signs of an impending breakup. This could be due to many reasons, such as him/her not wanting the relationship anymore, being embarrassed by the nature of the relationship, or just not having time for it anymore.

Regardless, of what the reason is; it can be really painful to know that the one you love has suddenly cast you aside without giving you the time and respect you deserve or even an explanation. The key thing here is how you will deal with this. You can either hold it in and pretend it’s not happening, to avoid being hurt and continue living in a state of oblivious bliss.

Or on the other hand, you can confront your partner through an e-mail or text message expressing how they have made you feel. Once you get everything out of your chest and put it into words you feel lighter and can be at peace knowing you did your best in your relationship whilst standing up for yourself.

2) They stop talking about a future together:

Long-distance relationships are hard and they can be even harder when one person is feeling like the other is not as invested in the relationship. It is hard to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship and it’s even harder when you stop talking about the future.

In most cases; there is a plan between couples on when this dreaded long-distance will finally end and you can be together again or for the first time and finally share a normal joyful and intimate relationship. It is the future that keeps you going and provides positivity giving you that extra push to have something to look forward to, that will make all this hardship you went through finally worth it.

A crucial sign your partner may be thinking of ending your relationship is when your partner starts going silent, whenever you mention the future or even change the topic. You may evidently notice a clear change in them from what you’re used to or from their normal selves. This indicates they might be afraid of commitment and are not sure if they want to make plans for the future with you or not.

Furthermore,  they may just want to enjoy what they have now without any pressure from you. This can indicate a selfish quality where they just want to enjoy the present moment without ever wanting to commit. If this is the case check this article out later on why you should leave when someone cannot give you commitment.

Not wanting to commit is one thing but leaving you with impending false hopes that you may actually have a future together is absolutely worse. Be careful to watch out for this cowardly behavior and call your partner out if you feel they are suddenly acting differently, in regards to your future plans together. Or, if you feel they’re just leading you on.

3) They stop expressing their feelings:

It can be tough to be a long-distance couple, especially when one partner suddenly stops expressing their feelings and emotions. This is a common struggle that many long-distance relationships go through.  This lack of emotional support can be hard for the person who is in the relationship to know what is going on with their significant other.

This uncertainty can drive a person insane and make them frustrated. It can also make you feel insecure and in some cases make you feel as if there there is a flaw in you and question yourself as to what you may have done wrong and what may be lacking in you. If this is you. Then please; cut yourself some slack.

The problem is not necessarily with you. It lies with your partner who is having difficulty expressing their emotions. If you are giving it your all and putting yourself out there and have tried communicating multiple times with your partner but the feeling are not being reciprocated, it may be time to question it all.

You have to realize, that this could be a sign that your partner may have fallen out of love with you and your relationship may not be as strong as you would like to believe. In this case, remember no relationship can be successful without both parties being emotionally involved reciprocally. As the common saying goes; it takes two to tango. By dragging things on and hoping for a good outcome, you may end up being more hurt than happy.

4) Missing important dates and events:

The most common issue in long-distance relationships is not being physically present and missing important dates and events like birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. Due to this physical barrier, these relationships require extra care and attention.

You have to work much harder to make it work compared to relationships where you are physically present. Using social media apps etc to communicate or send gifts over during important dates for your partner shows consideration and affection. However, when your partner misses these important dates which have special meaning to you such as your birthday or anniversary, then they might not be really interested in you anymore.

Although your partner may come up with excuses; it is important not to soften your heart and accept these unforgivable mistakes, especially if they are occurring repeatedly.

5) You’re not on the same page anymore:

Long-distance relationships can be tough, especially if you and your partner are not on the same page about what you want out of this relationship. In a long-distance relationship, it’s important to keep in touch with each other and have regular conversations to make sure that both of you are on the same page.

If your partner is not talking to you or responding to your texts like they have nothing to say, they may be trying to break up with you. If they’re constantly busy or have lots of excuses for why they can’t talk to you, they may be trying to break up with you too. If your partner is constantly complaining about their life, it might be that their life is too much for them and they want out of the relationship or a break at least.

All these constant excuses indicate they can no longer take time out for you or give you the attention you deserve. it indicates they do not respect your thoughts and do not care what you are going through or your views on life. Watch out; This shows the respect is lost and they are just looking for a way out at any cost.

The Bottom line:

The signs that your partner wants to break up with you in a long-distance relationship can be subtle and hard to identify. However, it is important to recognize the few signs listed above, in order to avoid being blindsided by a sudden breakup.

It is important not to quietly suffer and struggle and continuously give it your utmost when your partner has already given up long ago. It is comparable to fighting a losing battle.

Hopefully,  these above key signs can provide you with a wider scope of factors to look for which indicates if your partner is no longer committed to making this long-distance relationship work. Put yourself first and never sell yourself short. Recognize your value!

You can also check our article on how to end a long-distance relationship or this one on how to connect when in a long-distance relationship, accordingly to what you decide to from here.

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