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5 Hilarious stereotypical types of couples

5 Hilarious stereotypical types of couples

Love is in the air and people are constantly finding their soulmates. Some fit, some don’t. This means there are many types of couples and some of them have become hilarious stereotypes. These are the kind of couples that are always being depicted in romantic comedies and sitcoms because they are comedy gold. 

Today, we want to have a little bit of fun, so we will be presenting to you 5 hilarious stereotypical types of couples. You’ve likely come across all of these or you’ve seen them on movies or TV shows at least, so you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Let’s get into it!

5 Hilarious Stereotypical Types of Couples:

1- The clingy couple:

These two love their Public Displays of Affection (PDA). It doesn’t matter where they are, they will always find a moment to either make out in front of everyone or just be on top of each other. They can’t live without constantly touching each other and it’s very difficult to find them more than two feet apart. 

These guys make you want to yell “Get a room already!” every time you’re around them. They do it online too! Clingy couples always gush about each other on social media with super long captions and constant tweets, photos, videos, etc. Sometimes, they even make you cringe, but you know they love each other. 

2- The introvert couple:

You’re thinking about inviting them to a party? Forget about it. They may show up, but they will talk mostly to each other. They’re adorably awkward around other people because they would much rather be curled up in bed watching a movie. 

This is the kind of couple that goes to bed early and they love their boring days together. Don’t get us wrong, they might have hobbies, but they’re not into socializing. In fact, check out our article on hobbies for introverts.

They won’t come! At least not too loud parties where you can’t really hear each other and there’s only so much dancing and bumping into other you can avoid. 

If you find yourself wondering how introverted people even meet or talk to one another the first time, then here’s a dating guide for introverts!

3- The intellectuals:

These two are incredibly smart! They have a super sophisticated vocabulary, so you don’t know what they’re saying half the time. They enjoy reading and academics. When it comes to movies, you can forget about watching the latest Marvel blockbuster with them. 

Oh, no! They enjoy real-story-based films and documentaries more than anything. They would also much rather go to a museum, art exhibits, book readings, and other cultural activities than to the club. They always bring up history or any other topic of interest, so you always kind of learn something new when you spend time with them. 

4- The never-serious couple:

This couple is a lot of fun! They’re constantly teasing each other and being playful but without being mean about it. They are super easy going and they tend to be social butterflies too. They thrive when they’re around other people but they also have a lot of fun on their own. 

These are the guys who are always going on spontaneous trips, throwing costume or themed parties, making funny jokes, hosting game nights, and more. They’re best friends and they are amazing to be around.

They’re energetic and they always have some kind of shenanigans going on. They can also be childish, so don’t be shocked if they make crazy comments or prank each other a lot. 

5- The conflict seekers:

Last but not least, we have the dramatic, conflict-seeking couple. These two are always bickering, so it has become a running joke in your friend group. “Let’s see what Tom and Jane fight about tonight.” Conflict seekers are kind of hilarious because you wonder why they’re even together. 

It sure seems like they don’t like each other that much, but they either don’t break up or always come back to each other. They can be a little bit of a buzzkill because sometimes it’s awkward to be in the middle of an argument. They often tend to bring to light their private issues in front of others and they have the habit of publicly airing out their dirty laundry too, but “playfully”.


Stereotypes are always fun to explore, especially in the dating world. It can be fun to analyze why couples are the way they are. These are only a few of the most hilarious stereotypical types of couples, but there are many more! 

It’s funny how different people find each other and how they behave when they’re together. Sometimes they’re a joy to be around, other times it gets kind of awkward. But you can’t deny it’s a super interesting phenomenon. 

If you’re dating someone, does your relationship fit into any of these stereotypes? If you’re not dating anyone, what kind of relationship would you like to build with someone? We say that the more love and laughter, the better! What do you think? 

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