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5 facts on how rare & beautiful it is to even exist

5 facts on how rare & beautiful it is to even exist

When you stop to think about it, it’s really quite remarkable that any of us are here. Despite the vastness of the universe, the chances of even existing let alone forming in such a way that is able to experience all its wonders are meager. Even so, here we stand; alive and experiencing life to our fullest potential.

We’ve made it through some tough times, against all odds, and still managed to make the human species survive until now. Therefore, as you’re on your journey through life daily, don’t forget to pause and appreciate how rare and precious this opportunity really is; because it won’t last forever!

And just in case you’re not convinced here are 5 facts on how rare it is to even exist and how much it must be cherished!

5 Reasons to appreciate that we exist:

1. So many conditions had to be aligned and apply for you to be born:

As we said; when you really think about it, the odds of you existing are ridiculously slim. Just take a moment and ponder the fact that two people had to meet, fall in love and conceive you during a narrow window of time for you rather than a different person to be here today. Any small change or alteration to that process would’ve caused another person to be born instead.

And that’s not even including the millions of other spermatozoa that you had to win over and that were all vying for your exact same job. It pretty much makes winning the lottery look like a walk in the park! Sure, some might consider it luck, but we prefer to call it a true miracle.

2. We’re so small and insignificant compared to the rest of the universe:

Secondly, it’s impressive that our mere existence is even possible. When you take a step back and look at our planet in comparison to the ever-expanding reaches of the universe, it is almost impossible to comprehend how small of a grain of salt we are in the grand scheme of things.

The concept of existing and sustaining life on this planet alone is miraculous in itself. Despite the expansive universe, within it, there are only tiny pockets of planets and stars that align perfectly for humans to live. This rare, celestial occurrence has afforded us an incredible journey toward understanding our world and uncovering more of its mysteries every day.

That being said, these chances become even more staggering when we realize that the fact that not only did we survive but also managed to dodge destructive asteroids and cosmic catastrophes which could have made us extinct! To experience life in itself can be considered an accomplishment, given these irrational chances stacked against us.

3. You didn’t die younger or earlier and that in itself is a gift:

Again, it’s amazing how fragile we are as humans, especially when you consider the chances of us existing in the first place. This is why the third fact about why our lives are so precious on this list is to just realize that we have made it up to this age when others didn’t.

Statistically speaking, it was a miracle for all of us to have made it to our current age; so many babies are stillborn every day, and others are born only to die in a few hours. If we thought childbirth was so common and normal and that every baby will live to see their great-grandchildren then we have to think again. Sadly, some people don’t even make it to their teens due to illnesses or unfortunate accidents.

These morbid thoughts can be disheartening, but maybe if we take something positive away from them then the whole concept will become more meaningful. Reflecting on the beauty and rarity of existence is by far one of life’s greatest gifts; without its appreciation, who knows if any one of us would still be here today?!

4. Every day is a challenge and battle:

Fourthly, life is so rare and precious because every day we are faced with an onslaught of challenges, yet here we are; still alive. We have made it through our emotional battles and mental struggles, despite being exhausted by every blow life throws at us.

Although we may not feel like it sometimes, every challenge we face only makes us stronger and more resilient. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The point here is that endurance and resilience are key, as was apparently recognized from the beginning of time with every adversity bringing progress and growth.

We all experienced the deaths of relatives, bad times, and the loss of friendships; yet here we are today; each having survived whatever curveballs life has thrown our way. This just shows us time and time again just that it’s important to keep going no matter what is put against us.

5. Natural selection didn’t stop us from existing:

In the end, here we are today, rare and beautiful creatures full of wonder and curiosity despite all the points listed above. Not only that but it’s almost unbelievable that even ancient natural selection didn’t stop us from existing!

After all, it was the same fundamental process that gave rise to so much of our world’s biodiversity. It gives us pause to think of how far we’ve come, and makes us appreciate life in new ways. To think that our ancestors overcame the odds against them in more ways than we do is humbling yet inspiring. Now here we are, alive and well, due to a rare combination of circumstances; so let’s be grateful for that.


Everyone has had moments of gratefulness: whether it’s for a beautiful sunset, a delicious meal, or simply for being able to live another day. But when was the last time we truly appreciated our own life and treated it like the gift that it is?

Our lives are full of so much potential and hope that we should be grateful for, and by actively seeking out the positive aspects we can begin to lead more grateful and optimistic lives. We have to take the initiative to recognize the beauty in each moment, so why not appreciate all those moments today?

Let’s start living with grateful intentions and allow life’s possibilities to fill us with a newfound appreciation for all that surrounds us.

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