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5 facts about men who move too fast in relationships

5 facts about men who move too fast in relationships

Men who move too fast in relationships are often labeled as players. Players are usually men who want to hook up with women and have a lot of sexual encounters. They might be interested in having fun and their main goal is never or rarely to commit to one person in the long term.

So if you thought you got your hands on a good one, but then noticed he is the type to move fast in relationships then think again! A man that wants to skip the talking, dating, chase, and courtship stage, may simply not think you’re worth all that.

If you’re dealing with a guy that quickly wants to put a girlfriend label on you, or any excuse to get physical already then be careful and proceed with caution because chances are he’s not there to stay. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, here are 5 facts about men that move fast in relationships:

Facts about men that want to move fast in relationships:

1- They’re often lying through their teeth:

A man that wants to move fast in a relationship usually is someone that you have to be careful with. That’s because you’ll catch him in more than one lie. What makes you think that a man that once he saw you want to turn you into his girlfriend, doesn’t have a habit of doing the same with every girl he finds attractive enough?

Well, we hate to break it to you but clearly, if a man wants to move fast in a relationship with you, it’s not because you’re special. Many women fall into the trap of wanting to believe that something about them specifically is making a man act in a specific way. However, more often than not, the man is only using on you the tricks that have proved to work in his past experiences.

If he wants to make you his girlfriend, or make things official quickly and move to the physical aspect of things; then chances are he has a new official relationship every two weeks!

2- They have a short attention span because they’re hyper:

Men who move fast in relationships are often seen as being hyper, quick to get distracted, and having a short attention span. This is because of the way they interact with people, process information fast, and move quickly in relationships.

These men were taught not to stop at any heavy emotion, or inconvenience and not even to assess and process their emotions. So even if they cared about a specific woman, they won’t have the time to realize that until they break up. And, even after they break up, they’ll cope with their feelings by jumping into a new relationship again.

They usually never take their time with anything. This is why they have developed this behavior of moving fast in relationships.

3- They don’t take the time to truly care about your feelings:

Men who move fast in relationships are often not concerned with their women’s feelings and emotions. Unfortunately, they just want to get intimate as soon as possible and leave as soon as they had enough. This is because they don’t care about establishing an emotional connection and don’t have time for that.

Subconsciously, they may be afraid of getting hurt if they invest time into the relationship. These men might also have an unrealistic view of love and relationships and think that it is better to get over with things ASAP and not get attached. They may also think that the more they get invested in a relationship, the more they will be tied down. But, obviously, they’ll never admit to it.

4- They don’t like wasting time on apologies, sadness, and serious talk:

When it comes to relationships, men can always be in a hurry. It is sometimes up to the women to keep them engaged, challenged and rewarded when well-deserved. It is the way dating and courtship are designed to be. However, men that can get away with putting the least amount possible of effort and still getting rewarded will try.

If it works, then they’ll get used to piling up fast-paced relationships and living on the adrenaline, the excitement, and the thrill they provide. For this reason, this type of man cannot stay long enough in the same relationship as they’ll get bored.

They also cannot take anything seriously, spend time getting lectured, told off, or sharing a sad heavy moment. It’s all fun and games to them and they cannot spend time allowing themselves to feel something real because they became desensitized at this point.

The most they can do is pretend to care and even shed a tear or two if the situation is very serious, but once they get a chance to leave the premises they’ll probably ghost their date.

5- They’re often not ready for long-term commitment:

Men are often stereotyped as always wanting to avoid commitment, but this is not always the case. Some men truly want to find a compatible and attractive partner and spend the rest of their life being loyal, loving, and caring to them.

But, it is true that many others prefer only having fun and enjoying the moment without any expectations. Men that move fast in relationships often fall in the latter category. Check out this article on why you must leave if he won’t commit, and this one on why you should never accept the bare minimum when dating or in a relationship. You can also check this one on why relationships that move fast always fail!

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