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5 facts about friends who fight like a married couple

5 facts about friends who fight like a married couple

We’ve all seen the type of couples that claim not to be together and only be friends, but that are at each other’s faces all the time; intertwined like little love birds. But, did you see the couples who claim not to be together but fight like an old, married couple? These are different! They look like they actually care about one another on a deep emotional level, because why bother to argue so much if they didn’t? It’s easier to just ignore the opinions and thoughts of someone you don’t get along with, right?

Well, we’re not implying anything yet. We’re just saying that if you’ve ever been in this situation, then you know how confusing and uncomfortable it can be to be around people that are in denial and are bickering all the time.

If that’s you and you have a friend you can’t stop arguing with or if you’re just curious to learn more about this type of relationship, then read on! Here are five facts about friends who fight like a married couple to help you understand this type of friendship more.

5 undeniable facts about friends that argue a lot:

1. They didn’t find effective ways to communicate with one another:

It’s all about communication! One of the most significant issues that actual married couples face is communication. It’s all about understanding each other and knowing what to say or do in order to show your partner that you care and respect them. This is also true for friendships, as sometimes we need to communicate better in order to understand our friends better and prevent fights from happening.

So perhaps if there are two friends that cannot stop arguing, the only reason is that they didn’t find an effective communication style that works for them both. All it could be is that their personalities are very different and maybe they need more time to figure out a way to communicate without causing drama. When communication fails, it can lead to conflict, which can eventually spiral into something more serious if left unchecked.

2. They love one another and care a lot:

Let’s be honest nobody that doesn’t care about you will fight or argue with you so often. That’s because your opinion and thoughts are irrelevant to people that don’t care about you or strangers that don’t even know the first thing about you.

A rule of thumb here is that your opinions only matter so much to someone that cares what you think in the first place. So someone who argues with you so often could simply be someone that loves you and cares about you a lot, but it’s true that maybe they’re not skilled at expressing it the right way!

In other words, this kind of fighting usually comes from a place of deep love for one another. This doesn’t mean that it cannot be damaging, because it will be disastrous in fact if not handled properly. The key is to take time out when these arguments get too intense and then come back together with an open mind so that both parties can talk things through calmly and work towards finding common ground.

3. They didn’t set their boundaries the right way:

If two friends start noticing that they fight like a married couple or more than they should, it could mean that they didn’t set their boundaries right. There needs to be some sort of boundaries set between them so that neither party feels overwhelmed or taken advantage of. Setting boundaries means respecting each other’s space and agreeing on certain topics that should not be discussed at all.

This way both parties will feel safe enough to express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism from the other person and only address topics that are not triggering for one or the other. It is also important to consider that resentment can build up quickly due to the lack of boundaries between two people, even if they are close friends.

This means that even small arguments could potentially escalate into something much bigger if left unresolved for too long. So to sum it up it is important to address any issues even if your arguments are small if they take place too often, and set boundaries; before the relationship deteriorates more.

4. They are bound to fall apart if things are left unsolved:

When things get heated between friends, it can be easy to say things you don’t mean. On occasion, things can reach a boiling point where something unforgivable is said in the heat of an argument, and this can lead to lifelong consequences. If heated arguments take place too often between two people, it’s only natural that they become estranged over time because the wounds inflicted may not heal as easily.

Therefore, if you have a friend that seems to argue a lot with you or causes drama, it might be time to take a step back and evaluate if things need to change before escalating tensions cause irreparable damage to your relationship. When two people fight or argue a lot, they often need time away from each other after an argument has occurred in order for both parties involved to regain their composure and process what happened during their altercation. This can help temporarily and limit the consequences but it will not be a permanent solution.

Taking time away after an argument can give both parties time to reflect on their own feelings and gain perspective on the situation. However, it shouldn’t end there what they need to do after that is decide how they want to move forward with their friendship and something to solve their issues and eliminate the source of the problem.

5. They may have other types of feelings for one another:

Finally, friends that argue a lot may not just be at odds with each other. Perhaps the reason behind the constant bickering is that they are other hidden feelings at play. It’s possible that one or both of them possess deeper feelings for one another that they refuse to acknowledge. These could be romantic feelings or something more sinister like feelings of envy and rivalry. If one of them envies the other for something they have or some qualities that make their life easier; they could be secretly bitter about it.

Jealousy may also be an underlying factor; if one of these friends or both have hidden romantic feelings for one another. This can become intensified if either of them is in a relationship with someone else, as it can trigger feelings of resentment for not having been the lucky chosen partner. Most often than not, when someone has hidden feelings for a friend, it doesn’t make them rude or aggressive to the person in question. However, it’s not impossible to become a little bitter and argumentative when you secretly have feelings for a friend who now has a new date or new love interest.

Open and honest dialogue about one’s emotions should bring these issues out into the open and help the friends to move on with a mutually satisfying relationship.

But do married couples even fight that much?

The fights can be intense between friends too. Just because two people are friends doesn’t mean that their fights will be less intense than those between a married couple; in fact, they can be just as heated! Plus, who said old married couples fight like cats and dogs anyway? That is a stereotype and nothing more.

We don’t mention our relationship or marriage often in our posts, but if you’re curious my spouse and I rarely argue or even disagree. Of course, it took us some time to get here but what we noticed is that the more years we spend together, the more compatible we become and the less we argue. So if anything, it is safe to say that old married couples should be expected to get along more instead. They should also be known for being supportive of one another, and for rarely arguing if they do at all.

Otherwise, why would they have stayed together for so many years and sometimes decades? Nobody stays so long somewhere where they’re not appreciated, loved, valued and welcome.


Fighting between two close friends can be just as complex as fighting between spouses! There are many issues at play here such as communication problems, lack of boundaries, resentment building up quickly, etc., which all contribute towards making arguments between any two people that care about one another more complicated.

However, by understanding the facts listed above about friends who fight a lot, we can learn how best to approach disagreements within our relationships going forward. This way everyone involved will get what they need without sacrificing anyone’s emotional well-being along the way!

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