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5 Early dating signs he likes you

5 Early dating signs he likes you

You’ve met a new guy and you’ve started dating. This stage is a lot of fun! You’re trying to figure each other out so everything’s exciting. However, some women do need security and reassurance early on. The issue is that men can be very hard to read. 

They say they’re a lot less complicated than women, but most of the time, you know exactly how a woman is feeling if you pay attention because women can be more emotional and sensitive. But, the same cannot be said of most men which makes them hard to decipher. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t figure out what guys are thinking or feeling at all. It just means you’ll have to make more of an effort to spot the signs. To help with that, here are 5 early dating signs that he likes you so you can feel a bit more confident, early on. 

5 Early dating signs he likes you:

1. He opens up a little more every time you talk:

Men usually take longer than women to open up, so if he feels comfortable enough to share his inner thoughts with you little by little, that’s a great sign he likes you. The quality and depth of the conversations you have can say a lot about where he stands. 

If he often talks about his childhood, the way he feels about things, his beliefs, his likes and dislikes, and more, it could mean he wants to include you in his life and make you a big part of it. He’s not playing games and he wants you to be as interested in him as he is in you. 

2. He wants to know you better:

In the same vein, if a guy makes the effort of getting to know you better right off the bat, it definitely means he likes you. By now, you likely know what it’s like when a guy is not really interested in you.

He acts like he is, but he doesn’t seem to listen when you speak and he never asks anything about you. A guy that is not truly interested in you doesn’t seem to care about how you were raised, your family, the things you like, etc. 

On the other hand, when a guy does like you, things are different. The conversation will flow because he’s eager to get to know you! He will actively listen, ask questions, and share things about himself as well to let you know that he’s in it for the long term. Empty chit-chat or small talk will be minimal because he wants to make each conversation count, meaningful and deep. 

3. He plans special dates:

When a guy like you, he will find ways to make every date just a little bit special. Whether that’s taking you to a place you mentioned liking, exposing you to new experiences you might like, or creating an extra romantic ambiance for an indoor date. Whatever it may be, he will make sure the date doesn’t feel ordinary. 

He’s been trying to get to know you already, so he will use whatever information he got from you to find ways to impress you based on the little details in your talks. If he makes every date just a little bit extra special, it means he wants you to only have eyes for him, which is not common for guys who aren’t genuinely interested. 

4. He’s very helpful:

When you’re in the early stages of dating, you can’t really count on the guy to be there for you when you need him. This is normal and expected because it’s too soon to expect so much. However, if he really likes you, he will make himself available sooner rather than later and he will be very happy to help whenever he can. 

You don’t even have to ask for his help! If you tell him you’re having a hard time with something, he will volunteer because he wants you to be happy, comfortable, and safe. This is one of the biggest signs a guy likes you. Men want to be their loved ones’ heroes whenever they can. So if he’s able to be there for you early on, you have a caring potential partner on your hands. 

5. He’s always so happy to see you or talk to you:

Guys who are only in it to have fun will play games, so they will act cool and not express much how they feel. By contrast, guys who really like you will let you know, and even if they’re too shy or hesitant, they won’t be able to control their expressions or body language. So you will be able to guess their feelings quite easily.

A guy that likes you will be happy to see you or talk to you and it will show. Some guys will even tell you outright that they’re excited to see you and they’ve been looking forward to it. Such a breath of fresh air! Dating can be so exhausting sometimes, but when you find someone who likes you, it will be easy.


Though some men are afraid to show how they feel because they’re not ready for commitment or any other reason, other men will be clear as day. So keep in mind that a guy who is just dating for fun will find it hard to dedicate a lot of time to you alone or take you seriously as he will probably be entertaining others too.

You just have to pay attention to a guy’s actions early on during the dating stage and keep an eye open for all the signs that come after that too. This way you will be able to see if a guy likes you for real or if he’s just leading you on. 

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