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5 clues to understanding a shy male body language

5 clues to understanding a shy male body language

Sometimes, shy people struggle in social settings, so they all end up having coping mechanisms. If you spend time with a shy person you will soon notice that their body language can tell you what they aren’t saying with words.

However, even the body language of a shy person can vary from person to person depending on several facts. For example, shy women have a different body language compared to shy men.

So, how can you understand what’s going on with a shy man through his body language? Here are five clues that can help you.

5 clues to better understand a shy guy’s body language:

1. He avoids making any type of physical contact:

Not everyone has the same boundaries when it comes to personal space, and one thing that many shy people have in common is that they only want to share their personal space with people who are very close to them. If you don’t have a clear idea about how a shy guy lets you know his space boundaries you should look for clues right at the beginning of your meeting.

When you greet each other if he merely gives you a hand wave or a handshake he is telling you that he doesn’t feel comfortable with closer contact. The same thing relates to when he chooses to sit in front of you instead of next to you. These are the boundaries that make him feel comfortable in talking with you for example.

2. He touches his face often:

Shy people are known for not being fans of small talk, saying only what they need to. The time shy people engage in deep conversation is when they are discussing a topic they are interested in or passionate about. With this in mind, you can get a better notion of who is a little shy by nature and who isn’t just by the way they act around you.

For example, if a shy guy touches his face it could mean that he is uneasy. Maybe he is just not comfortable enough being around you and overthinks everything he does and says in your presence. Subconsciously, he will often touch his cheeks, nose, and even mouth during your interaction. He could even seem like he’s trying to hide his face.

This is partly the reason why shy people often choose a haircut with a fringe. It makes them feel a little sheltered and hidden from the eyes of the people around them.

If you notice that he does this especially when it’s you who is talking to, it could mean that he is worried that you will find him boring. It could also mean that he’s not interested in what you are saying. If he covers his mouth, this could mean that he feels anxious.

3. He avoids making eye contact:

Shy people don’t usually feel comfortable with prolonged eye contact, especially if it’s with someone with whom they are not that close. This also means that they don’t usually like confrontational situations. So, if a shy guy is talking to you and then he averts his eyes and goes quiet, this could mean that he is hesitant about something.

Maybe you are talking about something and you asked his opinion, and if that’s the case, he might have a different opinion from yours and is afraid to offend you. It could also mean that he doesn’t feel like you have a close enough relationship so he cannot quite trust you with his honest thoughts and opinion.

Maybe when he is no longer making eye contact with you he feels more relaxed. Or, he likes to take some time to think of the right thing to say to you that won’t cause any rift between you two. 

4. He holds onto his sleeves or other pieces of clothing:

If you notice that a shy guy is tugging the sleeves of his shirt or smoothing the fabric of his pants it could mean that he feels uneasy about something. Maybe he is uncomfortable being in the place he is at or with the conversation you are having.

If this is the case, he is probably feeling like he is not behaving adequately or that he is in the spotlight and everyone expects perfection from him. All this can lead to him feeling uneasy about how he should act, so he starts second-guessing everything he says or does.

Because of that, he will try to control the things he can and one of those things is his image. Making sure that there’s nothing wrong with the way he looks and how he is dressed will give him a sense of security and possibly even increase his self-confidence. This may sound like he’s overthinking things but yet again overthinking is a shy people’s forte.

5. He fidgets a lot:

Shy people in general, will often agree to do something even if they don’t want to because they don’t want to upset anyone and aren’t good at dealing with conflict.

However, they can still feel reluctant to do something, and it frustrates them that they struggle to say it in words. So, instead, they will become more and more agitated or look uneasy.

They will start fidgeting with their fingers or feet and possibly even bite the inside of their cheeks. If you see a man doing this, give him time to express himself and don’t force him to take a quick decision. In the end, be sure to keep an eye on his body language as it can literally make or break a relationship if you’re good at deciphering it.

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