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4 ways to know when someone is lying to your face

4 ways to know when someone is lying to your face

Lies are a common occurrence in any kind of communication, and it is important to be able to identify them. It is usually not possible to spot a liar just by looking at them, there are many other clues that can help.

We all lie at times, but when it comes to the impact of our lies on other people’s lives, the results can be huge. Lying is one of the most common forms of ethical violation in the business world. In our everyday life, it may not always be malicious, as sometimes we do it out of carelessness or ignorance, but it is never okay and it should never be tolerated by anyone in any situation.

It’s important for all of us to be able to recognize when someone is trying to deceive us. This article will teach you some techniques on how you can recognize liars and get better at detecting lies before you can trust one and allow them to potentially destroy your life.

How to protect yourself from people’s lies?

Someone who lies to you maliciously is probably trying to obtain something from you, that they know will require them to appear in a specific way or image.

They may be after your full trust, or a service or a favor from you, so they will lie to obtain what they want, only for you to find out about their lies, when it’s too late and probably when you’re left with nothing but yourself to blame. Lying can be one of the worst ways to deceive and that’s why you should know very well not to fall into people’s traps and for their lies.

Anything that anyone says that will require you to do something out of character or something you’re uncomfortable with or not happy doing, make sure that you check the necessary evidence at least to know that you’re getting what was promised or implied. In other words, only ever believe visual evidence so that you leave no room for lies in your life.

Or, even better, only do things that you really want to do for your own pleasure and that you’re not doing based on a silent and indirect or even direct promise to receive something that the person may be lying about having. Only ever believe in contracts and visual evidence to offer something in return and you may be safe from lies.

If you do this, then any other lies people may make will be irrelevant and won’t affect your life anyway so let them tell their long tales and stay vigilant in this way.

4 ways to identify a liar:

The truth is, not everyone is honest- and we have to be able to spot liars. This can be difficult because people are constantly evolving their methods of lying. However, there are some signs that you can identify that a person might be lying.

By recognizing these signs in your conversation with someone, you’ll not only learn if they’re telling the truth or not but also gain valuable insight into what they are like as a person. These signs can come in the following forms:

1) Nervousness:

If the person starts talking quickly and nervously, they might be scared of getting caught in their lies or asked about details of stories that never happened. There may be something that they’re trying to hide. If they start getting defensive when you ask them something, they might be lying.

2) Body language:

It is hard to spot a liar. The best way to find out if someone is lying to you is by asking a question that they would most likely answer with a yes or no, and then watching their body language reactions. If they start blushing, stuttering, or losing eye contact, chances are that they are lying.

In fact, the most obvious way in determining whether a person is being truthful is through body language. One sign that someone may be lying is when they are constantly shifting their weight from one foot to the other, or fidgeting with their hands. These actions like this often occur when someone is nervous about what they are saying.

3) Let a few days go by and ask them again:

A good rule of thumb is to ask them about a detail they already told you but only after a few days have passed. If you have any doubt about their answer, wait for a couple of days and ask them about it. If the person sticks to what they said at first then they are probably telling the truth.

On the other hand, if they get confused and forget or say something contradictory to what they said at first, then there’s a big chance the entire story/information/event or whatever they said, was a big fat lie!

4) They talk too much:

A nervous liar will be overly talkative and say too much about the lie to avoid questions. They will try to give as many details as possible and then jump to another topic before any question that could trap them gets thrown at them.

Liars are usually more aggressive and tend to speak quickly with a forceful tone in their voice. They also might seem like they are confident that what they say is true, but other telltale signs will be apparent if you know how to spot them.

Types of lies:

Lies can be grouped into two types: intentional and unintentional. Intentional lies are usually done in the hope of getting something or to avoid punishment while unintentional lies are usually done out of ignorance.

In other words, blatant lies or intentional lies is the worst type. Those who tell blatant lies do so in order to get something they want or because they want their life to be easier.

Typically, blatant liars will have a strong need for approval from others and will either be afraid of losing a relationship or being ridiculed for the truth about something. These liars typically lie about what they believe is the most important thing; their wealth, social status and lifestyle, etc. This can be done to impress others and gain their friendship or approval.

Bottom lies:

As long as you don’t give anything of yours, be it your friendship or love, etc, out of greed or fascination with what other people may be lying about to show off; then you will be safe from the damage that any lies can have on your life.

We often think that liars will give themselves away and that they are struggling to keep their lies straight. However, the truth is, some liars can be very good at hiding their lies so make sure that you don’t believe everything you hear or even see.

And, make sure that you don’t do anything nor make life-changing decisions based on what you think someone has, what they said or what you think they did. Again you should only believe cold hard visual evidence and even then keep in mind that some people can go as far as to fabricate false evidence to obtain what they want!

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