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4 signs that a man doesn’t know what he wants

4 signs that a man doesn’t know what he wants

A man that doesn’t know what he wants is a man that can’t make up his mind. This is not a desirable trait to have in the workplace or society, in general. However, it is especially a trait that women want to avoid finding in their romantic partners.

That’s simply because a guy like this will only waste your time since he doesn’t know himself what he wants, let alone tell you. He will confuse you, take you in endless circles and frustrate you a lot only to still look at your eyes and not be able to tell how much you matter to him. A man that doesn’t know what he wants will be a source of negativity and anxiety for any woman he dates. Yet, in the end, he still would be hesitant to commit or to do anything more for her.

For these reasons, it is very hard to be with a man like this. And, a relationship with someone of this sort will go nowhere. In fact, it could even end up affecting your self-esteem and self-worth, wasting years of your life and leaving a scar on your mental health.

That’s why in today’s article, we will be listing a few signs that you can look out for to be able to tell if a man doesn’t know what he wants, to then do your best to avoid him!

How to know that a man doesn’t know what he wants:

1. He sends you mixed signals:

If you have been dating someone for a while, you might have noticed that he is sending mixed signals. He might seem interested one minute and then the next he is not. You are probably wondering what is going on with him and what it means. Is he playing hard to get? Is this some type of mind game to get you hooked on? Or, is he just not “that” interested, but leaving his options open?

The most obvious answer in most cases for this type of behavior is that he’s sending you mixed signals, simply because he doesn’t know what he wants. It can often be hard to tell someone that we like them but not 100%, maybe we can be with them but only if we find nobody better soon enough.

In this case, that person will be compromising by being with you, and they may not want to tell you and hurt your feelings or lose their chance of getting you as a second option. This is what leads to them giving off mixed signals in order to avoid conflict or confrontation. And, in order to still keep you around until they see if they are gonna get a better “deal” elsewhere or not.

In the end, regardless of your criteria, every woman has her share of beauty, unique personality, and charm so it will be a big waste for you to settle for someone who is not fully convinced that you’re their 100% package. Instead, you could look more and find someone who would think that of you and with whom you’d be 100% compatible.

2. He micro-cheats a lot:

If you don’t know what mico-cheating is you can check this article at the end of your read. It is a very interesting topic and a telling sign about how reliable and how into you, a partner is.

Odd behavior like having your date’s eyes wander and look at other women or even objectify them by focusing on their body parts when with you, can be shocking. However, this is a situation in which most women don’t know what to do.

That’s because they worry that they’re wrong about what they saw and that they have no evidence to prove it. They cannot show proof that the man they’re with has done that and they think that such a heavy accusation cannot take place, without evidence. However, if this happened to you and regardless of your reaction, you’d still know deep down that it happened and that you’re dealing with a “womanizer”.

This behavior could result in an affair, or it might just be a sign of dissatisfaction with his current date or partner. But, in the end, one thing is for sure a person like this doesn’t know what they want.

3. He hesitates to commit to you, but wants you around:

We cannot say it enough: if he won’t commit, pack your things and go! Check out this article on the importance of leaving a man that just won’t commit.

There are many reasons why a man may not be ready to commit. He may be afraid of being hurt again, he may have trust issues, or he may not know what he wants. People often think commitment is one-sided, but it’s not. Commitment is a two-way street and both parties need to be committed in order for the relationship to work.

In addition, this is a common issue with people who are indecisive. They need to find something that they are sure of, yet again they’re never sure about anything. If they don’t have a deadline or a motive for the commitment like having kids or moving in or becoming physical, it will be difficult for them to commit.

4. He never wants to claim you publicly or tell others about you:

It is common for people to feel the need to hide their romantic relationships or romantic partner until things become serious. That makes sense because nobody wants to introduce a new person every other day to their family and friends. They may think that by not doing so, they are protecting themselves from getting hurt or ridiculed in front of others.

However, when you have been seeing each other for a long time now and they still wouldn’t commit, introduce you or let go of you, then it’s a red flag. They may not like you enough to show you off, after all. They may think that even if they like you they won’t make things a bit more official by taking serious steps.

However, the truth is that this type of thinking can be self-sabotaging because it prevents them from getting the most out of their relationship, with the person of their choosing.

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