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4 Signs a girl with a boyfriend likes you

4 Signs a girl with a boyfriend likes you

It’s not uncommon for a girl with a boyfriend to like other people. Though men are not always the best at getting the hint, if you’re reading this, it means you have a hunch. 

Love interests can change over time and relationships don’t always work out. In fact, many people claim that 99% of romantic relationships fail. Think about it: the average person will have at least 3 failed relationships before they meet the one. Even then, in today’s time and age, it’s not guaranteed that once they find “the one” they will be content and stay with one another until the very end.

So this takes us back to the fact that relationships are not perfect, they fail most of the time and it’s even predictable and expected sometimes. When someone is not happy in their relationship or is ready to move on because they’ve grown apart, they could start looking elsewhere.

4 Signs a Girl With a Boyfriend Likes You:

1. A Lot of Physical Touch and Body Language Thrown Your Way:

Physical touch and body language are two clear signs that a girl with a boyfriend likes you. Pay attention to the way she touches you, looks at you, and the way she acts around you, in general. Granted, physical touch can be difficult to interpret, but we’ll give you a hint. 

If the way she touches you is casual and occasional, it doesn’t mean anything at all. However, if she’s constantly initiating physical touch, that’s different and it could mean something. 

Does she linger a little too long when she touches you? Does she initiate hugs and take her time? Does she always find a reason to touch your arm or leg, when you’re talking? That could mean she has feelings for you, or that she is at least considering you as a potential love interest. 

The same goes for other types of body language. When you spend time with her, is her body language open towards you? Does her body always point in your direction? Does she often stare at you? Does she hold eye contact easily? If so, it means she’s interested in you.

2. She Dedicates Time and Attention to You:

When a girl with a boyfriend likes you, she will find ways to spend time with you. Additionally, she will pay extra attention to you whenever you’re present. Whether that’s in person or through texting, she will always be there. 

If a girl is always hanging out, always invites you to things, and is constantly texting you, that means she could be into you. This is particularly true if her boyfriend in person is not getting the same attention from her. 

Of course, there’s always the possibility that she could value your friendship and that’s why she likes spending time with you. However, if flirtatious vibes are going on and you notice any of the other signs on this list, she could like you as more than friends. 

When you pay attention, it’s not difficult to tell when a girl wants more than just friendship. Additionally, if her boyfriend seems to be jealous of you and you’ve given him no reason to be, it could mean that he’s noticing her behavior too.

3. She Doesn’t Take Her Boyfriend Seriously:

When girls don’t take their boyfriend too seriously or they constantly minimize his role and importance, it could mean that they are not in the relationship to stay. For example, if she makes fun of the guy she’s with when you’re around, she could be signaling she’s no longer attracted to him. 

If that’s a thing they do as a couple, then you shouldn’t read too much into it. But if it isn’t, and she tends to do this specifically when you’re around, it could mean she is trying to get you to see that her boyfriend no longer pleases her. 

Additionally, if she downplays the relationship when you’re around, that’s another strong sign. Maybe she keeps her distance or her body language is shut off towards him but open towards you. 

When girls are done with a guy, even if they haven’t broken up with them yet, it shows. It’s not difficult to tell when a relationship is not going well, so if she’s acting like this, she could be ready to move on. 

4. She Drops Hints:

When a girl likes you, she will drop hints. They won’t come right out and tell you they like you, especially not if they still have a boyfriend. However, if you pay attention, you will see a few signs and you’re welcome to reciprocate the hints she’s dropping.  

Maybe she talks about how she might be ready to move on from her relationship. Perhaps she makes jokes in that direction or has some type of telling humor that implies that she is ready to move on. If she says things that don’t make sense or that only single people say, then chances are she’s done with the relationship.

Also, it’s not uncommon for girls to talk theoretically about being with another guy. If she is implying that or talking about you as if you were hers theoretically then it could mean a lot. For example, if she says things like “you’re so nice and attentive if I was your girlfriend I would’ve been happy” or “I am sure your future girlfriend will be grateful to have you”, then she’s dropping obvious hints.

Perhaps she wonders if you’d be compatible or she’s told you you’re very attractive. Maybe she wishes she had met you first. 

If she has talked to you like this before, it could mean she’s thinking about you as something more than friends. It could also mean she’s waiting for you to make a move, so she can be sure about what’s brewing between you. 


If you think a girl with a boyfriend likes you, looking for these signs will help you determine if it’s all on your head or not.

Girls are not as difficult to understand as you may think. You just have to pay attention and listen to your gut. If you’re right, it could be the time to play your cards right!

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