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4 reasons why someone would send an anonymous gift

4 reasons why someone would send an anonymous gift

When someone anonymously gifts us something, we can often be left scratching our heads trying to figure out who it was. Could it have been friends sending a surprise? Maybe an old customer with some extra money to spend? Or perhaps it’s that wealthy relative you only see once or twice a year? The possibilities are endless! Regardless of who sent them, when receiving anonymous gifts there is often an exciting sense of curiosity as to why they sent them.

Not to mention that although it is strange to receive an anonymous gift, you cannot help but feel touched when you do. At first, you may have your suspicions of who it might have been from, but if there’s no proof it cannot be determined for sure! Nothing delights us quite like the mystery surrounding a secret admirer or well-wisher, so discovering the source of our anonymous gift and the reason behind it can be both a joyous surprise and an awesome journey into the unknown!

Isn’t that amazing? To be sure no one claimed credit for this act of generosity, and yet still put in the effort to surprise someone special with something totally unexpected. Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to thank the person who thoughtfully gave you this mysterious present. But if you’re still curious about why you would’ve received an anonymous gift in the first place, then here is a list of the most common possibilities in this type of scenario.

4 possible reasons why someone would send you or someone else an anonymous gift:

1. Perhaps the gift has a tracker or hidden camera implanted:

Although neither I nor my spouse has ever received a real anonymous gift that we have no clue about where it can from, I still did receive a couple of lengthy online messages confessing love. Of course, that was years ago, when I was in high school and at the time I remember that I thought nothing of it. It always only puts a smile on my face and if the sender doesn’t want to say who they are; well, of course, there’s nothing I can do about it! But the truth is that it did stroke my ego a little and I was a bit flattered by it all. I even remember having shared the messages with my roommate once and laughed about the entire thing a lot.

Well other than this, it’s safe to say I never did much about it other than block the sender. In fact, I have never entertained any fake accounts or kept talking to someone whose identity isn’t clear, for weeks or months. Even the younger, more naive, and more impressionable version of me has watched enough crime documentaries to know that doing such a thing would be dangerous and unwise. That’s why I remember blocking fake Facebook accounts or Instagram profiles that tried to reach out anonymously. Now if I received a gift instead, it probably would’ve just spooked me more and I would’ve probably not carried it or worn it publicly if I didn’t know who it came from. In fact, I may even get rid of it, thinking that it contains a tracker or a hidden camera knowing just how paranoid I am!

This is all to say that if you’re as paranoid as me perhaps you wouldn’t feel comfortable keeping an anonymous gift. This is especially true if you start wondering what the real intentions behind it were and whether it’s something more sinister or a group of criminals trying to gather more data about their next victim. Judging from all the crime docuseries and modern-day crime cases that I follow on Youtube, similar thoughts can sound a bit reasonable and not so farfetched after all. That’s why, we’ve added to our list this improbable but possible reason for sending a gift anonymously, so be aware!

2. The sender wanted to add the element of surprise to the gift:

Sending a gift anonymously can be a fun and exciting experience for both the giver and the receiver. It can add an element of surprise that you just don’t get when sending a gift with your name attached. So perhaps the sender simply wanted to add a surprise element to their gift by sending it anonymously.

If this is the case, the sender will probably claim credit for this nice gesture after a week or two, and once the surprise element wears off. They will probably call you or meet you and ask whether or not you liked their nice surprise.

This means that not all intentions behind anonymous gifts are so sinister. Sometimes it’s just a prankster that loves you and who is trying to surprise you and spook you a little while still giving you something nice. If you have someone special like this in your life, you may as well laugh it off and thank them for their nice gesture when they come out of the shadows.

3. The sender is someone you’re not on good terms with:

As we said; there are several reasons why one might choose to send an anonymous gift; some of them could be due to personal privacy preferences, some could be to add mystery, while others may involve avoiding awkward conversations or potentially hurt feelings. The latter case simply revolves around people who hurt someone unintentionally and regret their actions. This could be a relative or old friend you had a fallout with and are no longer on good terms or even speaking terms with. And, this could be their way of trying to clear their conscience and make peace with themselves.

Of course, their goal here is not necessarily to make peace with you, as this can look scary to them and add the possibility of getting rejected to the equation. So what do they do? They try to send an anonymous gift to make themselves at least feel less guilty about whatever wrongdoings or shortcomings they did to hurt you in the past.

It is their therapeutic way of getting better. If this is the case or if you have doubts that the sender could be no other than that one person that once was a close friend of yours, then you may want to enjoy your little gift. After all, it’s not just a gift in this scenario; it’s also a way for them to say sorry indirectly and salve their conscience.

4. The sender doesn’t want to burden the receiver or make them feel they have to do something in return:

Finally, let’s not forget that sending an anonymous gift is a wonderful way to bring joy and surprise to someone special in our life. This why sometimes we may be tempted to remain anonymous, just to add an element of mystery that further heightens the joy of receiving the gift. Plus, we don’t have to be worried about what kind of reaction the recipient will have; and whether it will be positive or negative, since we are not tied to that gift in any way.

Most importantly, sending an anonymous gift allow us to make it clear that the sender has no expectations and isn’t looking for anything in return and not even a thank you. This will allow the receiver to enjoy freely the surprise without worrying about repaying the favor or going out of their budget to thank the person with another type of gesture.

All this can be another good reason to opt for sending anonymous gifts, especially since they can be meaningful and thoughtful gestures that do not come with issues of reciprocity.


In the end, giving an anonymous gift is a special way to show someone you care without revealing your identity. It’s a beautiful act of kindness that often demonstrates more appreciation than if you had revealed yourself.

There could be many reasons as to why someone would send an anonymous gift. Maybe the sender wants the receiver to maintain full appreciation and joyfulness by not knowing who sent them the gift, or perhaps they simply want to hide behind the cloak of anonymity while they show others they care. The point here is that the reasons and possibilities behind such an act are endless. But the ones listed above are usually the most common ones, after deep reflection.

Whatever reason someone has for sending a mystery present, the thoughtfulness can be a heart-warming surprise that warms even the coldest winter nights.

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