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4 reasons why respecting your wife’s feelings matter

4 reasons why respecting your wife’s feelings matter

Respecting your wife’s feelings is a very important aspect of being a good husband. It is important to understand that every woman has her own set of emotions, needs, and expectations and you should always be sensitive to your wife’s specific ones.

This is because women are often more emotional than men, which is not a bad thing in any way, shape, or form. It is indeed a good thing as it helps them care for their children more, show affection, care, and be nurturing in the most motherly magical way.

However, women can also be more analytic and sensitive than men. This is why they tend to overanalyze situations and see things or make links between things and events, that look absurd to you but so real to them. Either way, this article will help you see the importance of starting to be patient with your wife, respecting her feelings more, listening to whatever it is she has to say, and taking it seriously; even when it looks crazy to you!

1) Reasons to respect your wife’s feelings and why you must do that:

1- She has the potential to literally be your life partner:

Your wife is probably the only person that you’re guaranteed to share your last days on earth with. Not your parents, nor your kids will be there to share every moment with you or hold your hand and cross the street together, during your old age.

Unless you get separated or one of you dies a lot earlier, then chances are she will become your favorite and only best buddy, when it matters most. When your face is wrinkly, your legs not so strong anymore, your brain a bit dysfunctional and all you can do is share life with a person who cares, she may be the only real option.

At that point, her annoying nagging will become sweet little entertaining gossip, and a good time pass, when there’s nothing else to do anyway. Your life will have color, be a little more interesting and bring you any sense of thrill, surprise, or happiness simply because she’s in it.

2- She has your little family’s best interest at heart:

Regardless of what your wife says about your parents, siblings, or friends when they offend her or do a wrong move; in the end she never means harm. In the end, no matter who she’s nagging you about or who she thinks has crossed her or how you didn’t take her defense at that moment, she is just saying it all as a form of therapy.

If your wife is careful or senses hatred or dislike from a specific person that you think is harmless, don’t be naive, believe her to some extent. Your wife has your best interest at heart, often more than your own parents and siblings. If you now have kids together, you’re not only her husband but the father of her precious little ones too.

Women tend to have a seventh sense, so if she says this or that person is after her or doesn’t wish her well. She’s probably right about it and whoever that might be, they’ll be wishing bad on you too and targeting your couple or marriage. So take her word for it, to some extent at least, and before you have to go through some type of betrayal that proves her right and leaves you in shock.

Knowing that your wife is literally the only person that shares and will share the same fate as you in life and the same standards of living, there’s no way she’s anything other than your well-wisher. You two live in the same place and share the same bed, so she will literally suffer any downgrade or consequence that may result from any misjudgment or bad life decision on your part.

She will also benefit from anything good that you do or any positive direction life takes you, so you better believe her first and beyond anyone else. No matter how dear others may be to you, it is still a fact of life that you don’t and won’t necessarily share the same fate, future, and lifestyle as them.

3- She’s been through life’s ups and downs, with you:

There’s no denying that your wife has been sharing your life journey with you and your life’s ups and downs since you two married, if not since you met.

Your wife has been through ups and downs with you. From the time she married you or met you, to when she had or will have your children, to when you were at your most vulnerable. She’s seen you at your best and worst. Only you know to what extent that may have been an easy or bumpy ride.

So don’t lose sight of the fact that your wife should rightfully be one of the most important people in the world to you. She might not be perfect but have a lot of love for you and wants to make sure that she does everything in her power to make sure that you two only have magical, beautiful, and empowering moments.

4- She chose and trusted you:

Your wife is not a regular woman. She’s the woman that bet on you, chose you, and trusted you enough to be her husband, life partner, and parent to her kids.

She has put her faith and full trust in you and chose you for the entire world to see you as her man and husband. So honor that woman and prove her right for having made that choice, every day that you spend by her side.

At the end of your read, you can also check our article on the roles of a husband and what he should do to keep his wife content and happy.

2) How to respect your wife’s feelings, opinions, and actions:

There are many ways to show respect for your wife. It is not just about respecting her feelings, but also about respecting the things she does, her opinions, and being grateful for having her in your life. The following are some of the ways that you can show your wife you care:

– You should always be polite and gentle with her, even if you don’t like what’s coming out of her out or what she’s doing.

– You should never insult or offend her in any way, even if she has done something wrong. Choose a mature, calmer, and kinder way of conveying your message.

– You should not criticize her in front of other people. Also, wait until it is just the two of you to talk about a sensitive topic or something you know may rub her the wrong way.

– You should always listen to what she says and try to understand where she’s coming from when it comes to decisions that affect both of you. She’s not insane, she will not want to take a decision that she knows you don’t fully agree on, without having reasons that are valid in her eyes!

-Respect your wife’s feelings and opinions, even when she’s wrong. It is not a crime to be wrong. Check out this article on how to be a better husband!

-Be supportive when she’s going through something difficult or having a “breakdown”, that you think came out of nowhere. Remember that women are emotional, but don’t mention that nor use it against her!

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