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4 reasons why nobody ever had a crush on you!

4 reasons why nobody ever had a crush on you!

Many people wonder why nobody ever had a crush on them. So they might not know how to make someone gain interest in them, fall in love with them or develop feelings for them. Nobody wants to be ignored and not get any romantic attention ever.

There are different reasons why someone may become interested in you: your appearance, personality, actions, or social skills. So if nobody ever offered you a compliment in that sense, developed a crush on you, or sent you an anonymous romantic letter/note/ or social media message, it may be not because you’re so horrible and repulsive.

It may just be because you’re making one of the mistakes below which is instantly killing your sex appeal, attractiveness, or charisma:

4 reasons why nobody has ever had a crush on you:

1- You make too many self-deprecating jokes:

Humour is a powerful tool to use when dealing with self-conscious feelings because it changes the tone of what is being said or done. Laughter not only is an effective way to reduce anxiety, but also offers an escape from the current situation.

It’s important to know that there are different kinds of humor; some may be more suited for you than others. Some people find sarcasm funny while others are more impressed by witty remarks. Either way, if you like self-deprecating comments and jokes when your friend or others are around, chances are you’re the life of the party, a great host, and a great friend to be around. However, making fun of yourself constantly is not an attractive personality trait.

Attractiveness is more often than not associated with the opposite types of feelings like mystery, discretion, and someone who raises others’ curiosity and interest in many ways.

2- You’re an introvert:

Some people may have never had anyone have a crush on them. They don’t know how it feels to be loved, they don’t know how it feels to be wanted or desired.

They are living their life in the shadows, alone, with no great accomplishments to their name because they were too afraid of failure, too afraid of what people would say about them. This may be because they never put themselves out there for long enough to have someone notice them, approach them or like them.

They are clearly introverts and live like ghosts alone in their comfortable little bubbles and routines, refusing any help from anybody because nobody satisfies them anyway.

You don’t want to be closed off to the world entirely but don’t want to go out there making self-deprecating jokes either; like a clown. There’s a right middle and a good balance to find.

3- You lack confidence and self-esteem:

The most attractive people in the room are the ones who are confident and extroverted. One of the most common reasons for never have had someone fall in love with you or develop a crush on you is that you lack self-esteem and charisma. This, in turn, creates a lack of confidence and positivity around you.

Self-esteem is the measure of how much you like and how much you respect yourself, based on who you are and what you do. Self-esteem can change over time, depending on the situation. For example, if one day you get a promotion at work but your relationship with your significant other ends badly, your self-esteem might be higher at work regarding your professional skills than in your personal life. We all need some level of self-esteem; it helps us to feel good about ourselves and understand that we’re enough or more than enough.

People who have low self-esteem may get nervous around others or be too worried that they’d fail, make a mistake or not be good enough which in our distracts their thinking so much that they end up making the mistakes they fear making anyway!

Anyone can go through periods of self-doubt which leads to a lack of self-confidence, and self-esteem. However, one should not make it the story of their life to think that they’re unlucky, vulnerable, ugly, incompetent, or any type of victim.

4- Your body language sucks:

Nobody ever had a crush on you? Well, this might be because of the way you’ve been communicating with others.

People often use body language to communicate with each other and express their feelings. If your body language is not conveying the right emotions then people may not find anything about you alluring, mesmerizing, or out-of-this-world.

Body language is a vital part of communication. The body language of the person listening to you; will show you their level of interest. It can be interpreted in many ways, but one thing is for certain. The more interested the person, the more open their body will be.

If you want to know if someone likes you or wants to get acquainted with you, then pay attention to how they act when they are talking to you. If their body language is warm and welcoming, this might mean that they are interested in getting closer to you. But if their body language says otherwise; it means that there is no spark between the two of you and things won’t go any further than platonic friendship even if one party would like more.

If you give someone a chance to approach you and get to know you more, then maybe you stand a chance of having someone develop a stronger crush on you or have feelings for you, so pay close attention to everyone’s body language around you and gives to the ones you doubt may be interested a chance to know you more or spend more time with you.

So be aware that body language affects relationships greatly and make sure you’re not using it unconsciously to give away the wrong signals.

Maybe someone did, you just never knew!

In the end what makes you able to say confidently that nobody ever felt attracted to you, developed a crush or feelings for you, with so much confidence? Nothing.

For all you know you could have had a couple or more people throughout your life up until now; be it at university, a close friend, a colleague at work, or even a neighbor that thought you were super awesome, attractive, and just the full package!

However, many people find it difficult to confess their feelings or invite someone out. Most of us find it extremely hard to approach someone that they think looks stunning, moves like a piece of art, and breaths and drips charisma and charm.

In fact, for most humans; the more we like someone the more difficult it can be to drop hints, let them know, or even say anything as the bigger the crush the more intimidating it will be.

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