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4 reasons why he is still online dating others

4 reasons why he is still online dating others

It can be really frustrating when your partner is still online dating others, even after having shown undeniable interest in you.

We know it’s not easy to find someone who will commit from the get-go, go after you alone, and be sure that it is what he wants! But, that sounds like someone worth looking more for, and someone you’d want to be with right?

Well, we don’t want to be the reason that stands in the way of you finding love, but it might be time for you to discreetly start looking at other options too if your partner is not fully committed. Who knows you may find Mr. right and someone who will be smitten and have their heart set on you alone, the moment your eyes lock.

If they’re not willing to make a commitment when you’re ready to, then you deserve better. But, if you’re still curious as to what the true reasons behind this behavior might be, then we have a list of 5 possibilities for you! And let’s face it: A man will never say the true reason behind looking at other options while with you even if asked, but the good thing is that we will!

If he likes you, why is he still online dating?

1- He likes you but not enough:

It is going on and on, in your head, like a song: “If he likes me why is he still online dating?” Well, we hate to be the ones breaking the news to you but if he’s still online dating it’s for one reason alone. He is simply trying to see that there isn’t some better “last-minute deal” before he commits to you.

And, by that, we mean that even though he likes you and he may even like you a lot, he just doesn’t think that you’re that great either. He doesn’t think that there won’t be a person that tops you on all levels out there and that’s what he’s looking for, still. If he doesn’t find anything like that, he will probably “compromise” and go for you.

As we said, he does like you to some extent, that’s why he even put you on hold and intends on picking your option up again if he found nothing better. You’re just not his “full package”, but you’re a “package” that might miss one thing or two. However, keep in mind, that a person will never admit to this, as they won’t see a reason to hurt your feelings unnecessarily, especially not if they plan on going for you in case no better option presents itself.

2- He’s a player:

The word “player” is often used to describe someone who dates many people at once, has difficulty committing, or likes leading on people. It is a common misconception that players are always men. Women can be players too. However, in this context, we are referring to men: as they statistically tend to still date others rather than focus on one person they like, more than women do.

A man that does this just cannot help himself. You may be his “full package” and definition of his dream girl, but this doesn’t mean he won’t look around for a different “flavor”. He is thirsty for female attention and he likes to try a bit of everything.

There’s no way around it, he is a womanizer. He is not racist by any means: he likes to experiment with dating different types of women, different ethnicities, different looks, different professions, and even different body shapes. From the cute redhead to the curvy brunette down to the skinny blond. As long as he got a chance, he won’t miss it, regardless of whether he’s taken, married, or in the middle of his wedding ceremony.

Unfortunately, this type of man is more common than you think, but they don’t show publicly their true colors unless they’re in the right context of life. Just look at all the famous wealthy celebrities that end up with more than a couple of baby mamas, at a young age.

This type of man is the worst when it comes to dating and relationships; because even if he picked the most beautiful girl in the world, it won’t be enough. And, even if he was satisfied and swore loyalty to her at first, it doesn’t mean that he won’t get bored of her after some time.

3- You’re not an exception:

A third possibility, if the first two don’t apply to your case then the only possibility left to consider is that he’s not that into you, after all. Regardless of what he told you or promised you, don’t believe a word!

He may have said the exact same to every other girl he dated that week. And, next week, he’ll come up with a new improved speech to tell the next bunch of girls that he meets. If he told you that he likes you a lot, but he’s still dating others then it is a clear indication that you’re not an exception or the only one he liked in a long time.

In fact, he may be the type that meets a girl that he likes a lot and so much, every other hour of the day. It must be heartbreaking to read or realize, but it is simply the truth. There are liars out there, and people who will sell you even bigger dreams and tell lies, to get what they want. So be careful who you believe and keep in mind that everyone has motives, behind what they do and especially in the dating scene!

4- He doesn’t know what he wants:

In this case, this man has a lot of figuring out to do about who he is as a person, what he likes, and what he’s looking for. And, it’s not your job to guide him, influence his choice or be there while he tries a bit of everything to find out what he likes most.

If someone doesn’t know what they want, then it’s okay as long as they don’t lead people on while they’re figuring that out!

Either way, we won’t go into detail about this. Instead, we recommend you head to our article on 4 signs that a man doesn’t know what he wants. Or, even better check our article on why it is extremely important that you leave when he won’t commit!

If after all you read, you still want to give him a chance and make him commit, then you can instead check our article on how to make him commit, in a few steps.

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