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5 reasons why going to a restaurant alone is okay!

5 reasons why going to a restaurant alone is okay!

While in many parts of the world, it is okay to go out with just yourself, sometimes our social anxiety and the groups of people seated together in that place may make us believe that it is not so much the case.

There may be a lot of group dinners taking place around you in that restaurant and that’s okay, they have each other, they’re happy and we wish them more power and joy. However, keep in mind that they’re just people like you in a different moment in their life journey. They do not permanently belong to the group they’re with. They do not all sleep and wake up together and do every day’s daily tasks hand in hand. They just happen to be there; that one night for that dinner as a group.

You also have people that love you, like spending time with you, and would go out with you in a second if you asked. Only they’re not there for that one single night, and that’s fine.

If you need someone to make you feel good about that or give you more reasons as to why it’s okay to take that table, order your food and happily devour your dinner alone and in peace; then we’re here!

5 reasons to go to a restaurant alone:

1- You need to learn to depend on yourself:

In modern society, we are surrounded by companions all the time. Whether it’s friends visiting you at home, family members living with you, colleagues working with you, or strangers who happen to be nearby, we are never truly alone. We may feel safer that way as we may believe that in any given situation where we need some help and support from others; we can turn to them and rely on them.

However, do not forget that not everyone is your well-wisher on earth, and you need to learn to scratch your own back and depend on yourself more. That’s because even people that love you and care about you won’t be able to do it as well as if you’ve done it for yourself.

Learn to become the person that you’d rather depend on the most and the person that you’d rather take out the most and the person that you’d rather treat. If your health gets deteriorated then you cannot depend on others even if you wanted to. That’s why it’s best to find inner peace, acceptance, and love for our own selves. 

2- Company doesn’t always mean good company:

It is OK to go out for some food and a drink without any friends or family. But if all your loved ones are busy then remember then it is better to still go but on your own rather than in bad company! The wrong choice of company or an acquaintance that may have intentions you’re not sure about is always a bad idea.

In this case, you will not only put you in a bad mood but have difficulty swallowing a dinner that you were craving or enjoying at the restaurant.

The presence of an attractive person in front of you might seem like a good idea and help alleviate a bit part of any social anxiety you may be having, about eating out. However, it is important to understand clearly what are the intentions of that person and the purpose behind their presence there with you.

3- Too tired to socialize:

As humans, we are programmed by nature to form relationships with other people. We have no choice but to do so. However, sometimes after a long tiring or exceptionally draining day at work, we may feel like eating that one special dinner that we like so much but without the need to socialize or talk to others.

If you’re comfortable with sitting in a restaurant alone and eating your dinner in peace, before swiftly leaving and going to bed, then why not? There’s also the option of a takeaway but eating out when needed shouldn’t be so horrible after all.

4- Skip the awkward moment of paying the bill:

When eating out with people that are not our immediate family, there’s always that awkward moment of who will pay and for what, at the end. It may be uncomfortable and even awkward as you may find yourself asking to split the bill with people that thought you were inviting them out.

Or, you may find yourself spending more than you can afford if you feel like paying for them will be a better option than going through an awkward convo about the payment arrangements…

Either way, we all know the feeling, and regardless of how much you can afford to spend on a dinner out it’s always weird for at least one person involved!

5- Spending time on your phone, without offending anyone:

When you go to a restaurant by yourself, you can feel lonely and even vulnerable. But if you depend on your smartphone to keep you occupied and keep your mind too busy to realize that you’re on your own, then all can go well.

Not only that but in fact being on your phone while others are present or sharing that dinner with you may be weird and rude. However, when alone you can even choose to spend all your time eating with your eyes glued to your screen without having anyone judge you.

Bottom line:

Human beings are social creatures and we spend most of our time with other people. Therefore, it is advisable to organize an activity with at least one other person, every once in a while. It’s good for your health, your social life, and your sanity.

Yes, it is good to be brave enough to go eat alone in a public place when needed, rather than starve. However, you should also consider taking your partner out, if you want to be romantic. Or you can take your family members with you as we already do many activities alone during our everyday life anyway like; washing the dishes, taking a shower, getting ready or doing your hair, etc.

So it is always refreshing and nice to have to socialize with especially after a long day or week at work!

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