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3 rules to write the perfect love letter

3 rules to write the perfect love letter

Some people think that writing a love letter is something of the past or for high-school lovers and little children. In reality, nobody is ever too old to write one. Love letters have always been a way to express feelings in a romantic fashion.

Even after years of marriage or dating, there’s nothing wrong with writing a sweet letter to your partner to remind them that you still care.

A love letter can be a nice inexpensive yet meaningful gift, a gesture of affection, and an act of commitment. It should be thought of as a beautiful confession or reminder of the love you have for someone special.

Writing a love letter can only be a good thing:

The good thing about a love letter is that it can only be well-received and a happy little gesture; when you’re already in a relationship with the person you write it to

When it’s well-received by a person you’re not already in a relationship with, then you know you stand a chance with them. This is also amazing.

In addition to this, when written to someone that you’re not already within a relationship with, and it’s not well-received, then it still won’t ever be a bad thing.

That’s because when it’s not so well received by someone who’s not your partner, then you will know how they feel about you and can move on quickly if they are not interested. If they don’t feel the same, you will have the opportunity to leave them alone once and for all and to move on without wasting more time waiting on the wrong person.

This is a lot better than wasting many years of your life not knowing whether you have a chance or not with a specific person. Or wasting time waiting and hoping that they’d give you a chance one day.

3 Rules to writing a love letter:

1- Keep it short and sweet:

The first thing that you need to do is to remember that this is not an essay or dissertation. You should give yourself a long time to compose the love letter, but keep it short and sweet. It should be on a consistent theme.

A good idea is that you should write the letter as if it was at least 1-2 pages long, but do not exceed this length, or else, you can experience a lot of frustration, run out of ideas and maybe start questioning if you even want to do this.

Now that you figured out the length, let’s talk about what you will write about:

2- Confess your feelings:

A love letter is a piece of writing that expresses your feelings towards someone. It can be written in a formal or casual manner, depending on the person you’re writing to and the words you choose. You may know the person you’re writing it to and be already in a relationship with them or dating them and you may not.

– When writing to someone that you never dated nor have been with before:

A love letter should be written in such a way that it makes sense to both parties involved. If you are writing it for someone who is not with you in a relationship, then say who you are your intentions and how being around the person makes you feel.

For instance, first, present yourself in the first paragraph or remind them of yourself, then talk about the reason behind the letter, this could be asking them out or informing them that you’re inviting them out or interested in them romantically.

Last, tell them why they happen to be the lucky receptor of the letter. In other words; tell them what’s so special about them that got your attention or how you feel when you’re around them.

Tell them what you like about them and what caught your attention, this could be something about their physique, plus something about their personality and character.

– When writing to your partner:

When writing to your partner, talk about how much they mean to you. Mention a few good memories of sweet moments you share with them. Tell them you love them and how they make you feel on a daily basis.

Don’t forget to say how grateful you are for being with them and that you’re looking forward to sharing a beautiful future with them. Any promises or commitments that you make in the letter should be genuine and truly meant!

In the end, you can choose to set a date within next week and time for you two to go on a special date. You can kindly ask them to wear a specific color or outfit that you like on them.

These little gestures will show that you care a lot and that you give attention to small details about them, which will make them happy and put a smile on their face.

3- Don’t copy a letter you find online:

For a love letter to be successful, you need to write it with passion and conviction. You should not just send out a generic love letter addressed to ‘her’ or ‘him’.

All of us have the potential to write a good love letter. In fact, we are always the most qualified person to write to someone that we love. That’s because only we know why we love or like them and what makes us feel that they’re so special. Nobody else will be able to express our feelings about them as much as we can.

If you need inspiration and want to make sure you do it the right way then yes you can refer to some love letters found online. However, make sure you don’t copy any. Because again, you’re the only one that knows your story with them.

Bottom line:

With a love letter, you can show the other person what kind of individual you are and that you see them as a worthwhile partner. A love letter can repair a marriage, open a heart or give you a new chance. It can definitely do so much more too, so give it a try! It’s important to remember that love letters do not have to be long or complex.

However, they must be able to convey your feelings in a manner that is easily understood. If the content is short and simple, it will communicate your loving intentions clearly and thus give a real sense to everything you said and possibly have a chance to be with them in a relationship or take them out.

If you write one to someone you’re already with, then it could consolidate to love and revive your passion and most importantly break the routine. However, if it’s for someone who’s not your partner, then be ready to leave them alone and to move on, if they don’t take your letter in a good way or say that they don’t feel the same.

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