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3 reasons to study abroad in your youth

3 reasons to study abroad in your youth

The world is moving towards a more globalized society. As a result, travel has become a common thing to do and an available option for people from all over the world. And, not just traveling for holidays but even moving countries for work or even for education at times.

We are used to comparing our home country to foreign ones, and wondering what we’re missing where we are or why we would move elsewhere. However, it’s not about whether other countries are better than ours or not. Sometimes, it’s just about what they can offer us in regards to different experiences, perspectives, and cultures.

These things combined can make moving a worthwhile adventure, life journey, and valuable fun time of our life rather than staying right where we are and never experiencing anything new or different.

3 top reasons to study abroad:

1- Learn about other cultures:

If you travel abroad for studies, work, or for a longer period of time, you should take the time to understand how the locals do things and what makes them tick.

This will help you adapt quickly and make your experience nicer, go smoother and be fruitful and fun rather than just full of confusion about why someone did or said this or that. You can even choose to start learning about the traditions, habits, and ways of life of the people of the country you’re moving to before you even travel.

The most important thing is to be open to experiencing life in different cultures and to be willing to understand diversity and find beauty in it. Alternatively, once you make the jump and find yourself on the other side with people from a different culture, you can always tell them about how unique and different your own culture is, and who knows a friendship could start from there.

For many, it’s more about the experience than a means to an end. Whether you’re joining an international school or trying to find a place in another culture, learning from other perspectives and experiencing real-life cultures can only be a good, fun, and fascinating thing to do. 

2- Become self-reliant and self-sufficient:

We are being introduced to the dream of every student. The dream of a ‘self-sufficient life’ in which we can achieve our dreams independently. It is not that easy but most young adults prefer to be masters of their own world and to dictate how to live and what to do at all times.

The need for self-achievement and relying on oneself is one of the most important reasons why students go abroad to study away from home. Independence, having to learn to face life with its different challenges, expectations, and problems as a student alone in an unfamiliar setting and environment is in itself a big lesson of life that will make you smarter, sharper, stronger, and readier for what’s to come after that.

And, no amount of parents’ advice or anyone protecting you under their roof while keeping a close eye on you; can help you obtain such valuable skills or the same abilities you can develop on your own when you have no other option but to do that.

Self-development is not something that you can learn by just reading books or watching videos. It must be done through your own experience and by making mistakes and finding solutions or not, on your own! 

3- You try and learn to make money on your own:

Studying abroad opens up many opportunities for students. If your first language is English you can easily make some extra cash by teaching English courses in places like Seoul, Jakarta, and Singapore. You can even give online courses in places like Hong Kong, even when you don’t live there for a couple of extra bucks. 

Learning to make money on your own is a seriously important skill, regardless of how much savings or assets you have at hand. You never know what happens in life; there are crown princes of entire nations that became anonymous strangers in foreign lands overnight during the Arab Spring and similar revolutions…

It never hurts to get your hands dirty and learn to fish on your own to fill your plate. This way, no matter where life takes you next, you will never give up and starve or become someone who can’t even feed your own mouth, instead, you would’ve acquired skills good enough to make a small income wherever you are.

Bottom line:

Studying abroad is a great option for people who want to explore different places and cultures while gaining a lot of life experience and a degree. A study abroad program can be very educational for people of all ages whether it’s about business, art or history, etc.

The idea of studying abroad is not new. It’s been around for years, but the internet has made it easier and more accessible. Thanks to the internet; we can also make more informed decisions and investigate before committing to going somewhere else or even getting on a plane. With enough curiosity and willpower, students can also learn to save smartly and eventually contribute financially towards tuition fees.

There are many possibilities for students who are interested in getting a taste of the world outside their own country. People can also think about taking non-traditional courses like language courses, music classes, or something more fun like this; just for the sake of traveling and learning about different lifestyles and customs. 

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