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3 most used excuses to end a relationship

3 most used excuses to end a relationship

There is no need to be embarrassed about ending a relationship. It is a natural human process that puts the focus on what’s important – happiness for both parties involved.

If the other person wants to end it and not you, then you should understand that they’re entitled to do so and to just let them go. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where they’re not being loved and cared for anyway.

So don’t be that person and hold onto someone who’s not right for you. You may be holding yourself back from meeting your true soulmate. And, that’s someone who’s dying to be with you just as much as you are!

In this article, you will find 3 of the most frequently used excuses to end a relationship, and what each one means. You may want to use them as a way to break up with someone or you may want to know the meaning of each if that’s what you’ve been told.

3 most common excuses to break up:

“I’m not ready for a serious relationship.”

Nobody is ever “not ready” to be swept off their feet and to fall unconditionally in love and be mesmerized by someone who makes them feel alive. If someone said this to you, it just means that they skipped the second line that comes after this and makes everything crystals clear and that’s: “with you”.

As harsh as this sounds they’re probably not ready for a serious relationship but that’s just with you! If someone that’s their type showed up tomorrow at their doorstep, looking like fire and ready to commit they’d probably feel like they won the jackpot!

Either way, let them go. We just hope you get over them quickly now that you understand the new meaning of what they said. Don’t spend the next few months stalking them and social media or even worse; in real life. If you do, then don’t be surprised if they met the person of their dream next month and decided to get married in another two weeks.

“It’s not you, it’s me”

It’s difficult to end a relationship especially when you are still emotionally attached to your partner. When someone tells you that and that they’re leaving but that it’s not your fault; it simply means that you’ve done nothing wrong. This is a way of saying: “Yes, you’ve done nothing wrong, yes I am bad for getting bored of this relationship and I feel guilty for that but I am still going to leave and I am just not interested in being with you anymore!”

it’s hard to believe that this is what they mean but because they’re not rude and they are kind and polite they’ll phrase it in a way to say that something is wrong with them and not you. The truth is if you were really perfect in that person’s eyes then they would not give you up for the entire world. But you’re not and that’s okay. You should be able to go find that someone that you’ll be enough for and that one person that you’ll look like perfection to.

Either way, there is no need for the two of you to be worried about each other anymore or what you think of each other. If you’re not meant to be together, then don’t worry about each other anymore and go on with your life.

“I don’t have time for this right now.”

There are many reasons why people might break up with their partner and one of them would be that they lost interest in each other after a while. One thing that most people struggle with is how to break up without hurting their partner’s feelings. And, one way of doing that is blaming anything else but the partner. That could be by saying it’s not, you nor me, it’s my timetable or my busy schedule…

If someone was really into you, they’d find time and the energy for you. They’d do anything to spend even half an hour a day or every other day with you. They’d skip showering or going to the dentist or do a crazy unexpected thing just to gain a bit of time that they could give to you because it will make them happy too to see you.

However, the truth is that they may feel that they’re wasting their precious time on you when they could be doing more important things or seeing someone they actually have a connection or chemistry with. Either way, if they’re not interested in you and trying to break things off, then good for you as they’re not just saving their time but yours as well.

Thank them in fact, for not wasting your years and energy and dragging you on in an endless life journey just to use you when they know for a fact it has no happy ending.

Bottom line:

Sometimes, we are not happy with the person we are dating or in a relationship with. We may want to end the relationship but cannot find a good reason to do so. We forget that breaking up when nothing looks wrong is also valid and fair!

It is important however to quickly put an end to things because what is one person’s nightmare could be another person’s treasure, so don’t hold back other people from finding their true love when you get bored or feel there’s no love from your side.

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