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15 mindset quotes and their meanings for positivity

15 mindset quotes and their meanings for positivity

1.  “Patience has the biggest rewards”:

When we set our mind to do something or have something, we feel like there’s no time to wait, we need to get it now. But if we think about it, if we wait longer without giving up, losing interest, or getting angry, it may all be worth it. While waiting we start elaborating a more solid plan and end up making a plan B and even C, and that’s how we end up most definitely getting what we want.

2. “Surround yourself with things that make you feel the happiest”:

Nowadays it’s incredibly easy to have access to many social scenarios and events, so we need to be wise when choosing what to do, where to do it, and with which people to share it. If you choose all of those factors wisely, there will be many moments of bliss awaiting you.

3. “Positivity is the door to inspiration”:

There’s nothing like the desperate need to come up with a new idea or plan and nothing coming to mind. When this happens, we tend to dive into a cloud of negativity, but nothing will come of it except unnecessary stress.

If you feel blocked, taking a moment to unwind is the best thing you can do, even if it sounds counterproductive. Check this article to see original ways to start your days, if you want to get inspired to the maximum.

4. “Always look to the bright side of things, so the dark side doesn’t seem as strong”:

There are indeed terrible situations that can happen to us or our loved ones when we least expect, but focusing on the bad side, won’t bring you peace. 

5. “Failures will not stop you from reaching your goals, but help you reach them”:

Rare are the ones who achieve what they want on their first try. We tend to see the result of everyone’s accomplishments, forgetting that they probably have faced many failures first.

You need to accept that you will fail too, but that only means that you keep trying and learn to be better every time you fail. A wise man once said: Wars are not won by the strongest or fastest, they are won by the ones who keep standing up after having fallen down! Check out this article if you just can’t shaky yourself out of the negativity of a failure you experienced recently in life.

6. “You are the only one responsible for the good things that are in your life”:

Blaming others or yourself for the bad things that happen or happened in your life is never a good idea. The true path that leads to growth is recognizing that bad surprises can happen and that sometimes there’s simply nobody responsible for them.

However, you should not stop yourself from taking credit for anything good that surrounds you, including the good people that support you that you picked and chose to let in your life and to keep by your side. This is what you can do for yourself so you can live positively.

7. “You can learn a lesson, even from your worst days”:

You need to remember that when you have a horrible day it’s still just a bad day, not a bad life. One lost battle doesn’t mean you lost the war. After having, what looks like a terrible day, the best thing you can do is go rest, or even turn it around with an evening scented bubble bath!

You can even purchase these wooden bubble bath tables that one can set on top of the bathtub and enjoy a nice creamy pasta in your warm bubbles. The next day, you will have a fresh mind to evaluate what lesson you can take from the previous day.

8. “As long as you enjoyed doing something, that time was not wasted”:

Time never seems to be enough, we are constantly rescheduling things to make time for more urgent ones so, it’s natural to have the feeling that we are wasting time doing something that’s not productive.

However, when you do something for yourself, you are nurturing yourself. Giving a break to your brain can help you perform better in future tasks and allow you a much-deserved time to rest and recharge emotionally and mentally.

9. “If you can’t control something, just let it happen”:

We need to learn when to hold on to something and turn it into our favor or when to let it go. Sometimes, we desperately try to control something, without asking ourselves if it’s even worth all that time and energy?

10. “As long as you breathe, you’ll be able to create new opportunities for yourself”:

There are some days in our lives when it seems like nothing will work out and we might as well give up. If you’re feeling like this, what you need to realize is that you still have the same capability to create new opportunities and options for yourself and save the day.

11. “If you can’t feel motivated about doing something, then that’s not the right thing for you”:

The majority of us are only great at doing things we love. If you’re not doing well in some aspect of your life, maybe you need to evaluate how much you love doing it, and if you don’t, don’t waste any more time on it.

Like the saying goes: Find something you love, and you’ll never work again a day in your life. Or, for our passionate, life-loving, intense, and wild readers: “Find something you like, and let it kill you”.

12. “There are bad things that happen so good ones can occur”:

It’s hard to believe it when we’re in a bad situation. However, sometimes, we can see after the facts, that if it were not for that bad thing or life event that happened, a good thing would have never come in your way. 

13. “Just because your wish didn’t come to life yet, doesn’t mean that it never will”:

You need to keep being positive because nothing changed to prevent the thing you want to happen from happening. It may not happen at your own pace or during the time you want it to, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t ever come your way. Maybe it will in a month, a couple of years down the line, or when you expect it the least! 

14. “With a positive mindset, you’ll be able to see the positive side in everything”:

If you think about it, it sounds impossible to see the positive side of every single thing when you are focused on the negatives. Start changing your perspective, and soon the world around you will change too. Check out this article on how to transform your mindset and blind your eyes and mind from negativity in order to attract positivity alone!

15. “Sometimes, it takes just a few steps to reach an enormous goal”:

We may want to achieve a list of goals in life, but not everything will seem easy and possible, at first sight.

However, once you take the first steps then more than luckily the rest will follow. Especially if you arm yourself with discipline and determination. Check out this article to be able to establish your own short time and long-term life goals and move at your own pace.

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