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10 ways to be the reason someone smiles today

10 ways to be the reason someone smiles today

For many years, people have been struggling with the concept of what makes a good person. The answer has always been that it is hard to define what makes someone irreproachable, ethical, good enough, or even someone that brings joy to others.

In general, good people are those who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful towards others. They care about the well-being of others and do their best to make sure everyone is happy and contented in their lives.

So if you want to be the reason someone believes in good people, if you want to make others feel warm and cared for; you can choose to be the change you want to see in the world. With the help of the simple gestures and thoughtful actions listed below, you can put a smile on someone’s face today or even tomorrow!

10 ways to make someone happy:

1- Offer help to someone in need of it:

Offering help can make both people that interact happier. Obviously, people who are offered help are happier than anyone. But, what’s interesting is that even the person who offered help will be happy to have achieved something and made a difference in someone’s life.

This is because helping others makes people feel good about themselves, gives them a purpose and gives them a sense of accomplishment. This is why it’s important to offer any type of help that we can afford to offer when we see someone in difficulty.

2- Offer a nice gift to a loved one:

When it comes to making someone feel happy and appreciated, one of the most common and effective things you can do is to give a gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

The idea is that you are surprising someone with the fact that you thought of them and went out of your way to buy them something special in their absence, which will show them that you care about them. Creating happiness is often associated with giving gifts, but it’s not at all about the gift. It’s about the thought.

3- Be there for someone in a difficulty:

It can be difficult and stressful to watch someone struggle with a mental health issue, especially if they don’t have the resources or support they need. When you’re feeling compassionate, it can help to offer even just your time and energy to someone who needs it.

When someone is in need of help, it can be hard to notice but it can also be hard to decide to intervene. We often think that asking for help is a sign of weakness and people may not want to be seen as needy. So you might hesitate about doing something like offering financial help or something more tangible, out of worry about whether it will be rejected.

However, what you can do in any situation is to be there ready to emotionally support a person, listen and have their back.

4- Take someone you love out:

Taking someone you love out by asking them to come along with you to grab a meal, go to the movies, or just spend time together can do wonders for both of you. Planning beautiful days out with our family members, friends or partner is great.

However, waking up happy and deciding to spread positivity by calling someone out of the blue and telling them to get ready for a day out, can be amazing too. Pick someone you’re comfortable with so that your day out, doesn’t get draining.

5- Make a nice meal for a loved one:

Cooking is a form of expression of love. Cooking can be considered an art form that people use to showcase their creativity, culture and skill. And, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, anyone can try their luck at cooking a small meal, or making a nice snack. Especially in today’s world where anyone can find and navigate millions of video recipes online that show you step by step how you can make any dish of your choosing.

Cooking is not just about flavours and food, it’s about making someone happy by doing something they will love, enjoy eating and appreciate. It could be a way of saying “I love you”, and you can join and talk about any topic of your choice while you two savour the beautiful flavours you have created and put together!

6- Help your roommate or family member with house chores:

Nobody likes to do house chores but someone has to! House chores can be a hassle that seems pointless, because it’s repetitive, time-wasting and draining.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make someone happy is to do a house chore that they would’ve had to do. The act of making someone else happy is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.

Whether it be a friend or a loved one, when you help them out with their chores, they feel good about having someone that goes out of their way to help them. This will make you feel good too.

7- Make a nice breakfast for your partner:

Making someone happy is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes it requires more than just an effort in the kitchen. Sometimes, it requires that, plus waking up earlier than them and preparing a nice breakfast table too.

Making breakfast for your partner or family member is easy, inexpensive, and can be customized to suit anyone’s preferences!

If you’re too lazy to do all this, then you can invite them for breakfast out. It is always nicer to enjoy the morning’s positivity, nice breeze and sunshine in the company of someone dear to you. Check out our article on how to start your day on the right foot for more motivation to wake up early and spread happiness.

8- Prepare a bubble bath for your partner:

A great way to make someone happy can be by preparing a bubble bath, lighting some candles and playing soft music in the background. Obviously, this will only be appropriate if done for your partner.

If you want to spice things up, you can add some essential oils or fragrances that will make your loved one feel relaxed and comfortable.

9- Buy a professional back massage for someone you love:

A body massage is one of the best ways to make someone feel relaxed and to help them de-stress and get a self-care treat. It’s relaxing and gives the person a sense of relief. A body massage can also help with anxiety problems that people might be facing secretly.

Buying a body massage for someone can always be a nice reminder for them to focus on their health and self-care. If you want to demonstrate that you care about someone’s health and their well-being you can get them a professional massage.

If you can’t afford one and you share an intimate or physical relationship with that person so it is okay for you to try giving them a massage in person!

10- Send a heartfelt message of gratitude to someone that was there for you:

It might seem like a small and quick thing to do, but the impact of sending a text message of gratitude is huge. It makes the person feel acknowledged, appreciated, and loved.

Texting someone to say thank you or sorry can be done in just seconds, with the addition of a few lines that speak volumes about how much they matter to you.

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