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10 Texts to get him chasing you

10 Texts to get him chasing you

Do you want your crush to start chasing you? The key could be sending the right message and today, we will help you with that.

Texting is one of the main forms of communication nowadays. More often than not, you text with a guy before you even start pursuing one another. 

That’s why you can use flirty texts to get him chasing you. We will share 10 ideas to help you get started, but feel free to put your own spin on it. These texts should be sent playfully to let him know you’re interested and you want them to pursue you. 

10 Texts to get him to chase you:

1. “Been thinking of you, all day”:

This text is equally flirty and sweet, and it’s perfect if you’ve been on a few dates already or you’ve been talking for quite a while. It will definitely get a smile out of him if he’s interested in you and it will make him excited to see you again. 

2. “Sorry I can’t make it tonight! I guess you’ll have to think of me a little longer”: 

If he’s asked you out but you can’t make it for whatever reason, this kind of text will let him down easy.

This is also a good text to use if he has a habit of asking you out at the very last minute. It will let him know you’re not at his beck and call, he’ll have to do better if he wants to see you.

3. “I hope you don’t follow the 3-day rule… 😉

This is the kind of text you could send a guy you’ve just been on a date with or just met. It lets him know you’re interested and you don’t play games.

If he’s interested right back, you’ll be on his mind and he’ll enjoy the flirty energy. By the way, the three-day rule is a dating mind game that insists on the importance of waiting 3 days before you reach out and contact someone you’ve been on a first date with. We can’t guarantee that it works but it is definitely a thing!

4. “We like each other, what do you want to do about it?”

This text is bold and men love a confident woman. If you’ve been on dates and it’s clear you both like each other, this text is a great way to open the door.

It will show him you know what you want, so he needs to rise to the challenge if he’s on the same page as you.

5. “You’re lucky that you’re hot. I guess that’s why I keep you around…”

If he likes to tease or make bad jokes, you can respond with a text like this. It’s a lighthearted way to let him know you’re attracted to him without saying it directly.

If he’s attracted to you as well, he will jump on this opportunity to pursue you. 

6. “If you’re thinking of making a move, today sounds pretty good”:

This text is another subtle challenge for him to step up his game and move things along a little bit.

This is another bold and confident text, and it will work well if you’ve already been on several dates and determined he’s as into you as you’re into him. It’s a clear call to action! 

7. “You did amazing on the first date. I wonder if the sequel will be as good?”:

If you’ve enjoyed your first date with him and you vibed really well together, this text will make it clear for him. It will tell him you’re interested and you’re open to seeing where things go. 

You can check this article out if you really want to know how the first date went for him without asking directly.

8. “Morning, handsome! Still, thinking of me? 😉

Another sweet and flirty text that will certainly make him smile if he’s into you. It will let him know you like him more than friends and he will take the opportunity to take things further. 

9. “Good night! I had a great time, maybe we should do it again…”

This kind of text is vague but flirty, it lets him know you enjoyed the time you spent together and you’d like to see where it goes.

It opens the door and allows him to decide if he wants to step through it. It’s a good text to send after a first date. 

10. “Next time we see each other, I have a surprise for you.”

Last but not least, we have a super flirty text that will work well if you’ve already been on at least 3 dates and you’re both into each other. If he has taken his time to ask you out again, this will make him move faster. 

So let him guess and make a big deal out of it. However, when you see him; act oblivious and tell him that you don’t have anything for him or have even forgotten. Tell him you were probably thinking of getting him a donut or something of that sort, on your way to him. You may get him a gift but only if he got you one first!


These text ideas are playful and flirty! It’s the kind of thing men respond well to if they’re interested. After you send the text, the ball will be in his court.

Don’t force it or push it beyond that because it will shift the energy from “flirty” to “needy”. Just wait to see how they respond and go from there!

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