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10 signs that he wants you to notice him

10 signs that he wants you to notice him

We all know that feeling. We’re out at a bar, or at a party, and we see someone across the room that we can’t take our eyes off of. We may not even know why-maybe they’re just really good-looking, or maybe they have an aura of confidence that draws us in.

But, what if it was all calculated and planned? What if that person is doing everything they can very discreetly to get your attention and get noticed by you in some way or another? For this reason, today we present you a few signs that can help you tell when someone wants you to notice them!

Signs that a guy wants you to notice him:

1. He shows an incredible sense of humor:

One way people, especially men, try to bring attention to themselves is through a good sense of humor.

It makes people feel more at ease and even pay closer attention to the person who displays a great sense of humor. If a guy is trying to make you laugh, he is trying to win you over.

2. He presents himself better:

It’s not that men don’t pay attention to their external appearance, but generally, women tend to spend more time putting their outfit or look of the day together.

So, if you notice that a guy is putting more effort into the clothes he wears or even improving his hairstyle or adding accessories when he is around you, the clear meaning is that he is trying to look good for you.

3. He stares at you at times:

If a guy is looking at you for long periods of time, it means that he is trying to catch your attention. Try not to be offended by the fact that it could make you uncomfortable. Check out this article later for more possible reasons why a guy would staring at you a lot.

Either way, he is probably doing it subconsciously, so you could use this opportunity to talk to him and ask him why he is looking at you so intensely in a playful manner.

4. He is extremely helpful:

When a guy is interested in you, he is invested in the fact that he wants you to see him as someone on whom you can rely. Even if you don’t ask him for help, he will still offer it if you look like you need it, because he wants to create the habit that he will be there for you as many times as possible.

5. He is ready to take or give you advice:

If you notice that a guy that needs a second opinion regarding a subject, always ends up asking you for it, then he might have a high opinion of you. He probably think that you’re smart enough to give the right advice, or maybe he just wants to spend more time in your company.

In the end, he will be delighted in providing you with advice too, regarding any issue you’re open to raising with him. He wants to show that he can be useful in your life if you allow it, so you can expect great advice coming from him.

6. You notice his personality blooming in front of you:

Being ourselves when we are trying to make someone notice us is great advice, but one thing that gives it an extra push is amplifying the type of personality we have.

If a guy is incredibly open around you and you eventually comment that you never realized that he had certain qualities, he will interpret this as a sign that you are finally noticing him.

7. He compliments you on small details:

When people give us compliments we don’t usually think much of it, because we think it’s just common courtesy, or in certain situations, because they want something from us.

However, when a guy compliments something about you and it’s not very noticeable like having had your hair trimmed, or using a new pair of earrings, or a new shade of lipstick: it can be surprising. We don’t expect people to notice such small details, so when a guy does we immediately feel flattered.

8. He makes sure that you are well:

It’s a given that people who like us, usually want the best for us, so you shouldn’t take it lightly when a guy makes sure that you are okay, safe and happy every day.

It means that he is interested in you and wants you to notice him. He wants you to know that he cares about you and that he would like to be part of your life.

9. He makes it clear that he is interested in the things that you like:

When someone asks us what our interests outside of work are, we tend to give small replies. That’s because we are aware that the other person might not have the same interests or that they’re just asking to be polite, therefore, not being interested in hearing everything in detail.

However, when a guy asks you what your likes are and encourages you in giving him a detailed version, either by showing that he is very interested or by asking more questions: he wants to show that he is very interested in your life.

He might even make some research on the topics you talked about so that the next time you see each other he will have a more educated opinion and have more interesting conversations. By seeing his genuine interest in the things you like, you can’t help but notice him more.

10. He texts you about small things:

When a guy sends you a text message about something without much importance it means that he is trying to strike up a conversation with you. He is using every little excuse as a way to say something to you, in the hopes that you notice how involved in your life he is.

Remember that if he wasn’t interested in you he probably wouldn’t waste time finding excuses to start a conversation with you.

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